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A service animal means several dogs that are independently qualified to do work or perform tasks for the advantage of a creature with a disability, including a physical, sensory, psychiatric, intellectual, or other mental disability.


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One letter will be for travel and the other for housing, and in both instances the psychotherapist will recommend your ESA and generic descriptions will be used regarding the nature of the reason for the ESA need, and reference to applicable federal laws . ESA means 'Emotional Support Animal', and almost anyone can have an ESA, which works similarly to support dogs.  Any animal species can be an ESA (rabbits, cats, birds, dogs, etc.).   

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Evaluation, Goals, Treatment Here at PDSC we understand that many Americans deal with a variety of psychological ailments, many of which go without treatment . All of our clinical psychotherapists are licensed and ESA letters are valid.  In many cases the doctors will not only speak with the patient but confirm their medical history, and assist with paperwork the patients local doctor may struggle with.  

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