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Some professional say that Emotional Support Animal like a dog or other common domestic living thing that provides companionship, accommodating positive regard, stress-free environment, great affection.


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Our ESA ID cards help reduce questions and add extra legitimacy to your ESA letters.  It is NOT required and holds no legal standing, but it does look nice, is easy to carry in your wallet, and helps you assert your rights.   Features : Hologram security watermarks on the front and back of the card High quality card stock and manufacturing Credit card size for easy insertion into a wallet Complete customization for you your pet, yourself, and one of our doctors that represents you. A registration # for confirmation at our toll free number

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Contact Us Toll Free: (800) 925-2182 Fax: (866) 753-4277 Email: PDSC Address-704 South Street #703 Philadelphia, PA 19147 Or NY Office 2131 Sawyer Dr. #4 N. Falls, NY 14304

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