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Dogs have a special bonding with humans from past tens of thousands of years. Many researchers did experiment on this special evolutionary relationship from a several numbers of different angles.


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PSYCHOLOGICAL DISABILITY SERVICE CENTER Here at PDSC our group of clinical psychologists focus on ways to alleviate and deal with stress related disabilities.  Our primary goal is to increase quality of life through therapy, self analysis, and enacting positive change. Our practice specializes in emotional support animal treatment for a variety of psychological disorders, and we believe strongly in the positive effects of ESA's (Emotional Support Animals). 

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Evaluation, Goals, Treatment We focus on assisting those with psychological disabilities through online, phone, and in person assessments.  In many cases our clinical psychotherapists prescribe emotional support animals to help alleviate a wide spectrum of conditions.  All of our clinical psychotherapists are licensed and ESA letters are valid. At PDSC we not only have a passion for animals, but also helping our patients  get through their days and nights as comfortable as possible

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Contact Us Toll Free: (800) 925-2182 Fax: (866) 753-4277 Snail Mail: PDSC Address-704 South Street #703 Philadelphia, PA 19147 Or NY Office 2131 Sawyer Dr. #4 N. Falls, NY 14304

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