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DISCOVER THE NATURAL CURE FOR DANGEROUS UGLY CELLULITE "Put An End To Ugly Unhealthy Cellulite Forever" "The information you are about to read concerning cellulite may make you angry.... you may find it frustrating or even temporarily embarrassing. But dont let that stop you." If youve ever tried to get rid of your bodys unsightly cellulite problem and failed its not your fault. Its very hard to deal with a genetic condition and normal weight loss or dieting doesnt offer a complete answer either. Cellulite is an entirely separate and specific issue and as such needs to be

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addressed in a very different way. The good news is that there are completely all natural ways to deal with the problem of cellulite build up. You can learn more about how here Unfortunately the FDA has little authority over the beauty and cosmetics Industry. The reason for this is that most products or services are used to simply “enhance” certain aspects of the body are only superficial. The FDA only gets involved if it receives sufficient complaints by dissatisfied or injured consumers regarding a specific “anti-cellulite” product or company. The FTC on the other hand is the branch of the government that has authority over the advertising and marketing practices used by companies that market cellulite products or services. The Federal Trade Commission FTC does regulate and control deceptive advertising practices. What Is Cellulite

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Before we can discuss the very natural ways of targeting the bodys cellulite we first need to understand exactly what it is. For starters cellulite is not a medical term. It is simply a term for a condition which was invented in European salons during the late 1960′s. It was used to describe the dimpled appearance of skin located on the thighs and buttocks most commonly found in women. The name was created as a way to make it different from other kinds of fat cells as if there actually were different kinds of fat cells. You may have been told it was a combination of fat mixed with toxins or a type of toxic waste. Whatever the case we know it is certainly more difficult to eliminate. The creation of this mysterious body fat spawned an entirely new industry and a myriad of "essential" products to deal with it. Body wraps miracle pills loofah sponges cactus fiber scrubbers cellulite

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reduction lotions creams and gels bathing liquids or additives massaging devices rubberized pants wire skin brushes circulation enhancing rollers body wrap treatments and cellulite reduction lotions... to name a few. Some of these things may have had the effect of making the skin feel a little softer and possibly smoother but as a treatment for deep rooted fat cells it might as well be "snake oil potions" for all the good they do. Do you suffer from Cellulite What have you tried Change of diet Exercise Creams or Ointments Coconut Oil Brushes Your Not Alone.. When the muscles are not properly stimulated they become soft and limp losing the muscle tone that would normally prevent the build up fatty tissue. Strong muscles stretch the skin and displace fat cells. Most people commonly refer to this feeling

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as being ‘mushy’ or ‘flabby." When the muscles in your cellulite zones are soft and limp it allows your skin and the fat layer covering them to also become uneven. This will cause the skin to ‘dimple’ and "pucker" giving the appearance of an ‘orange-peel’ effect. Get Visibly Smoother Legs Thighs Butt in as Little as 7 - 10 Days When these muscles are properly exercised they do begin to even out causing a smoothing effect on the outer layer of the skin. As your muscles tone up they push out against the skin so it pulls tighter evening the layers around it. These are much deeper layers of skin and connective tissue that the ancient Chinese Taoists referred to as fascia. The ancient Taoists believed it was in this fascia that the bodys Chi energy was stored.

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The body has 650 muscles of varying sizes and shapes from the waist down to the ankles. All of these muscles in the lower body need specific conditioning and stimulation to be reshaped and lifted to their original condition. According to the Taoist texts "reversing this muscle atrophy removes the causes of cellulite build up." Taoist Weight Loss Exercise The following exercise is simple and effective for weight loss and massaging the internal organs. Performed regularly the motions will re-energize the digestive tract and enhance proper circulation. Re-invigorating the digestive and circulatory systems is the first step to changing the patterns that lead to cellulite build up.

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Begin by taking three slow deep breathes inhaling into the lower abdomen of the navel no chest breathing and slowly exhaling. feel yourself relaxing deeply. 1. Start in either a sitting position with legs crossed back and head straight or in a comfortable standing position with legs shoulders distance apart. 2. Place right palm covering the navel and make small clockwise circles to the left begin widening the circles until the top of circle reaches the solar plexus just below the lower chest area. 3. Reverse the direction making counter-clockwise circles getting smaller until you have returned to the navel. Do this slowly and with deep concentration on the palm of your hand. You will feel the energy and warmth from you palm entering into the abdomen. 4. Once at the navel area place the left hand on the navel area and repeat the same procedure in the opposite direction. Left hand will begin circling counte-clockwise to the right widening the circle and then in the reverse direction back to the navel. Stop relax sit quietly for a few minutes. Resume you daily activities. Do this practice twice daily. You will soon start to feel the enormous health effects on your stomach digestion and circulation. The soothing affect on the digestive system and waste elimination will over time create a natural and subtle weight reduction. Taoist Anatomy

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Ancient Wisdom Taoist teachings and philosophy are over 6000 years old. The ancient Taoists were very practical people. Their primary concern was always focused on health and longevity. The Taoist approach to health is based on what a person eats and how the diet is balanced. The foods that you eat become a part of your body. If you ingest only fresh and healthy foods you body will then become healthy. If you do not take in the proper amount of nutrients your bodys digestive system will begin to weaken over time due to toxins which are absorbed from the environment. Unable to eliminate these toxins the body soon begins to show outward signs of this unhealthy state of being.

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The Taoist philosophy is one of balance. The digestive system organs and glands should be nourished energized and regulated. If these systems are strong the individual is much less likely to become weak and subject to illness. It is said that all illness begins in the stomach. "If one does not have small weaknesses one will not have large weaknesses... Without large weaknesses one will not become ill... If one does not become ill one does not die." Lao Tse Here Are Some Important Nutrition Facts That You Should Know 1. Cut Down on Salt Sugar: Your diet has a definite affect on your cellulite build up. Sugar is stored in fat cells and causes them to expand. It is important to read your labels and make certain to reduce and remove excess sugar from you daily diet. Limiting your sodium intake will help prevent water retention. 2. Flaxseed: Flaxseed regulates estrogen levels and increases collagen production. Connective tissues are comprised of collagen. When the skin is healthy and strong cellulite appearance diminishes. 3. Water: Water flushes out toxins from your body. These fatty deposits under the skin are a breading ground for harmful and damaging toxins. This causes cellulite to appear more visible and promotes the growth of certain cancer cells. A well

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hydrated skin will look more even and healthy because it will be healthier. There are some incredibly effective techniques used to slow the spread minimize the appearance and strengthen weakened tissues. Cellulite is a progressive problem that worsens with age. Visibly Smoother Thighs Hips Butt in 7 - 10 Days Since the problem is one of connective tissue to prevent and slow the spread of cellulite it is important to strengthen these connective tissues with the right kind of exercises. The right type of exercises directly target the areas which are most vulnerable. This is to prevent the individual fat cells from spreading to the outer layers.

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FOOD CURES There are certain foods and supplements that strengthen the connective tissues.They will help to repair cell membranes and increase circulation. They are as follows: • Eat a healthy breakfast of whole grains and fruits to increase antioxidant levels • Drink water juice fruits and vegetables throughout the day • Eat one to two eggs each week including the yolk which is filled with lecithin • Eat raw fruits and vegetables cooking them extracts much of their water and nutrients • Cooked Tomatoes are extremely high in lycopene which prevents the collagen breakdown in the skin • Green Tea speeds up your metabolism preventing fat absorbing enzymes to be produced. The catechins in green and white teas reduce insulin resistance and increase energy levels You will find that these nutrition recommendations are not only easy to use but will have an amazing longer term effect on your appearance. A sensible nutrient rich diet is the first step in achieving a healthy balance and prevent a worsening of cellulite. In Summary

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Anyone who has suffered with cellulite knows that it can make you feel terribly self-conscious. Aside from the cosmetic concerns there are serious health consequences associated with having layers of fat tissue accumulate. You don’t have to accept it. The above solutions cost very little but there is one more step you can take that is highly effective... Find out more Here You can achieve countless other health benefits by removing these excess fat cells from your body. Ignoring it can lead to serious health issues. Have a look at a simple solution that can quickly get you back on track in the next 14 days.. Click Here to Learn The Facts

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About The Author The author Ray Walkoczy has studied the Chinese energy system of Qi Gong Taoist health systems/philosophy and Zhan Zhuang for over 40 years. He holds a Masters rank in the Shaolin System of Hung Gar Kung Fu under Grand Master Zhong Chow Ding.

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