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Inflectra provides an easy-to-use online teamwork & task management software application that helps managers, staff and clients work together. Visit the website for more details http://www.inflectra.com/


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Inflectra Corporation

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Alm Software - The Best Tools For Any Development Team In recent years application lifecycle management software products have come up as a great help for many business enterprises. Any common ALM or defect tracking software can detect and highlight mistakes in a project lifecycle and also provide the companies an almost perfectly clear and complete idea of the magnitude of the challenges that they might be facing. With these products companies can now certainly ensure that they manage, monitor and also control their software development programs with better success also in implementing and using them. They also provide the software development organizations with a better agility in responding to the ever changing customer’s demands and promptly addressing fast emerging business requirements. One of the major benefits of using any efficient task management software is their ability of providing an efficient and methodical way for analyzing any particular content and also helps the development team to come up with sound decisions based upon those findings. This can not only simplify the overall development process but can also put all the participating groups in perfect harmony by synchronizing their job responsibilities and thus ensuring optimal quality for all end products.

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Apart from helping in the managing and monitoring the development process and ensuring best end results, an application lifecycle management software can also considerably improve the productivity of the organization at least by 20% to 30% by formalizing and automating the development process. With optimum process management methodology, these products can also allow an organization to grow faster. It should also give them the power to better manage their growth that consequently results in improved productivity of better quality products. What makes these next gen software products indispensible for modern software development organizations is their ability of high speed information sharing and also instant communication between all key groups of a development team. Application life management and defect management software products can certainly bring in a number of remarkable advantages for development –intensive organizations who design, develop and sell software products for third party customers. It is truly possible to boost business productivity and improve cost efficiency and at the same time produce better quality products by proper implementation and use of these AML and defect tracking and management software applications. For reaping the best possible benefits it is important that any application lifecycle management software is always properly executed. Individual tools those are still now used by many software development companies can be really cumbersome and extremely difficult to manage most of the times and the task management software products presently in the market are by all reasons the best things presently available in the market. For the best possible results it is important to integrate ALM software with the other tools that are also used by the development team so that they design products quickly and more efficiently. Another very prominent advantage of these products is that they can allow the management and also the development team to focus on the exact business requirements, reducing reworking and always deliver high quality products in time.

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Address: 8121 Georgia Ave Suite 504 Silver Spring, MD 20910 , USA Telephone Number : +1 202-558-6885 Email: sales@inflectra.com Website : http://www.inflectra.com/ Contact Informaion Inflectra Corporation

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