FHL Week 2008 -- Urban Region


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Here's a recap of Faith Hope & Love Week 2008... and particularly, the (new) Urban Region. Visit http://FHLinternational.org


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Faith Hope & Love Week -- The Church At Its Best” Neil Cox, IndyChristian.com“Accelerating Driven Christians in the Racing Capital of the World”

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Acts of Mercy, Kindness and ServiceTogether… in Community ‘Faith Hope & Love Week’

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A Little FHL History… 2005 … Began in Nora-Castleton Area 2006 … Added Carmel-Westfield Area 2007… Added Greenwood Area, and an ‘Urban Day’ 2008… Added Noblesville & Urban Area.

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FHL Week 2008…Urban Region

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Sunday… Prayer @ Monument Circle

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Prayer in the Neighborhood

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Serving alongside neighbors

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Acts of mercy, kindness and community service.

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Including youth…serving & learning in urban Indy

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Bus-load of Volunteers…from across the country

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…even an Ohio ‘Blogger’

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Grace Place Painting(Lunch & Learn)

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And across the street from Grace Place…

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Volunteers & Ex-offenders …encourage a recent widow.

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La Semana de Fe, Esperanza y Amor

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…and this year, a Communications Team

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Catching others in acts of faith, too.

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And Catching Unsung Heroes

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We even saved a roof-top jumper ! **just kidding**

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Steve Sjogren Pastor, Author of ‘Servant Evangelism’

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People We’d Have Not Known

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Sondra’s Story

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3 More Dignitaries…

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…for VBS Presentations

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Youth ‘Rap Session’

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‘Stop The Violence’ Concert

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Lasting Connections

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“Early last week, I received a call from a hotel in Castleton that they are giving away ’used’ mattresses and box spring. I sent an email to 6 people and the word got around. After a day I received a call from United Way Johnson County volunteer team leader in Franklin, IN. Before the end of today, there will be almost 50 mattresses and box springs shipped to Franklin, IN. to be donated to the flood victims.” Merlin Gonzales, Faith Hope & Love

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1,250 Volunteer Hours on Urban Projects…

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And Tons Got Done.

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What is it really worth?

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Pray the Lord of the Harvest will send forth workers… 2009…

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Glorifying God… Together The Church At Its Best

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