Industrial Automation and Control Process

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Control Automation System Control Automation System

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The control system consistently screens state of the input device make choices based upon a custom program to control output devices.

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PLC Programming

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1. MODULAR CODE DEVELOPMENT A module is a different software component. It is the process of subdividing a computer program into independent subprograms.

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2. Scalability Used to converts ADC Or DAC value in display range. IT helps in utilizing the sensor/instrument information to picture and control the worth.

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3. GE Intelligent platform H/W and S/W Process Control Safety Management and Analysis. It provide powerful solutions for small- to mid-range stand-alone.

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4. Siemens Provides unique and powerful programming tools with numerous benefits including the formation of re-use able logic an organized program architecture.

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5.Allen-Bradley Rockwell The line of Factory Automation Equipment fabricated by Rockwell Automation. This is associate between the controller and the PC is either ethernet cable.

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6. Modicon Quantum Design to meet the prerequisites of both the mechanical mechanization procedure enterprises. It measure energy and procedure information can be analyze.

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We offering specialized data collection to optimize operations and improve production performance.

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