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Breast cancer is one of the biggest killer diseases in women. As per WHO report 65% women diagnosed with breast cancer in III or IV stage, in India. But in fact breast cancer is most preventable and can be detect in early stage. With simple lifestyle changes and by spreading breast cancer awareness we can reduce the risk of breast cancer. Read more facts, causes, risk factors and prevention tips of breast cancer. Indus Health Plus provides best preventive health checkup packages such as heart checkup, full body checkup packages, fitness checkup, annual corporate checkup, executive checkup, couple checkup and family health checkup at 50% less than market cost with same day reports. Get your checkup done today @ Call Us: 0-90490-22222


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Breast Cancer Awareness and P revention

Breast cancer: Overview:

Breast cancer: Overview A cluster or group of cancer cells also called as malignant tumor in the breast is called as “ Breast cancer “ Mostly diagnosed in women and in rare cases, can be found in men as well Let’s start with the basics for breast cancer awareness :

Breast cancer: Facts:

Breast cancer: Facts Most commonly diagnosed cancer in women Second leading cause of cancer death among women On average, every 2 minutes a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer and 1 woman will die of breast cancer every 13 minutes Death rates are declining with early detection and increased awareness

Breast Cancer: Facts:

Breast Cancer: Facts

Breast cancer: Risk Factors:

Breast cancer: Risk Factors

Breast cancer: Symptoms:

Breast cancer: Symptoms

Breast cancer: Symptoms:

Breast cancer: Symptoms

Breast cancer: Prevention:

Breast cancer: Prevention The Power of prevention of breast cancer includes some lifestyle modifications, such as: Maintaining a healthy weight Staying physically active Eating fruits and vegetables No smoking Alcohol consumption in limits

Prevention: Have an early detection plan:

Prevention: Have an early detection plan Early Detection Plan should include: Monthly breast self-exams Regularly clinical breast exams Complete body checkup Mammograms, depending on your age and health history If a breast cancer is detected early, there is 100% 5-year relative survival rate

Breast Cancer and complete body checkup is the solution…:

Breast Cancer and complete body checkup is the solution… The key to leading a happy and a healthy life is simply by keeping a check on the body’s functioning by going for regular health checkups Similarly, Sonomammography is a quick, non-invasive, painless and inexpensive test for breast cancer detection … So don’t ignore, get your checkup done today! @ http ://


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