Artificial Intelligence (AI) Smarter Machines vs Smarter Minds


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The basic advantage of Artificial Intelligence it that you can make a "BOT" do the repetitive, mundane, mechanical tasks which most humans by nature despise. Here we are evaluating how you can make a "BOT" scale up within no time without additional overhead-Training, Office Infrastructure or any kind of Health Benefits related costs.


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International Journal of Computer Trends and Technology IJCTT – Volume 52 Number 1 October 2017 ISSN: 2231-2803 Page 9 Artificial Intelligence AI meaning Killer Robots Smarter Machines or Intelligent Partners Smarter People combining with Trust Respect to human life Indrasen Poola Independent Industry Consultant Bangalore. Abstract The basic advantage of Artificial Intelligence it that you can make a "BOT" do the repetitive mundane mechanical tasks which most humans by nature despise. Here we are evaluating how you can make a "BOT" scale up within no time without additional overhead- Training Office Infrastructure or any kind of Health Benefits related costs. Keywords: Killer Robots Artificial Intelligence Intelligent Partners 1. Introduction So much of the “Artificial Intelligence” is just figuring out ways to outsource work onto random strangers. While this sounds funny it’s actually a really tough problem our society is currently facing. “If someone is trying to sell you a black box system for medical decision support and you don’t know how it works or what data was used to train it then I wouldn’t trust it.” - says John Giannandrea Google’s Artificial Intelligence chief. A big chunk of the today’s machine learning systems is trained via data that is generated by us humans. And we have our biases that affect it. As an example a system called COMPAS offers to predict defendants’ likelihood of reoffending Centre on Migration Policy and Society 2017. It is used by judges to determine whether an inmate is granted parole. And guess what an investigation by a research firm found evidence that the system may be biased against minorities. We are after all currently on the cusp of a “Second Machine Age” powered by automation artificial intelligence and robotics. Which is the beginning of a major behavioral change that is affected by the presence of intelligent machines around us Brynjolfsson 2016. And we have to be ready. This is way more important than killer robots everyone is so scared of. This means the killer robots are effective with intelligent partners who can combine respect and trust to human life. 2. Is Artificial Intelligence a job killer We’ve seen this happen in the past that elevator operators and switchboard operators become obsolete assembly line workers replaced with robotsOremus 2014. Today most job currently require that you perform the same set of tasks step-by-step over and over again your work is algorithmic. If you made that statement in front of me as my boss — how do you think that would affect my productivity creativity and overall work satisfaction 2.1 Smarter Machines vs Smarter People There is lot of skepticism about Artificial Intelligence taking over the human jobs and make humans redundant etc Russell Norvig 2003. This is similar to the thinking few years back when computers were introduced computers did not eliminate human workforce instead increased employment. This is because we humans have ability to evolve our thinking and find new opportunities. Similarly Artificial Intelligence would be used to assist humans to churn out large databases or do mundane manual activities in lesser time. People would be able to focus on quality work instead of a repetitive and lesser skilled tasks. It will likely lead to workers needing to retrain more and more often throughout their working lives and less stability for employers employees governments markets families etc. 2.2 Biases are the real issues for Artificial Intelligence not killer robots. Whenever our comfort zone changes we are worried about jobs. Our ancestors who used their hands and legs for cultivation would have worried about job loss when tools where invented. Like that craftsmen and artisans where affected by mass

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International Journal of Computer Trends and Technology IJCTT – Volume 52 Number 1 October 2017 ISSN: 2231-2803 Page 10 manufacturing. There were so much protests of left wing political parties in India in the nineties worrying about the job losses computers could bring. But the same computers and information technology only transformed India from the underdeveloped license state to the present state. Artificial Intelligence is not a job killer. People will move to arts and finer aspects of human intelligence which are harder to do by Artificial Intelligence or if done by Artificial Intelligence has little value like a painting. A photo from a camera cannot match a portrait from a painting. Also if many people lose job then economic instability will cause companies to lose buyers. Now AI won’t buy your products and it is our time to worry about elements of trust and respect associated with artificial intelligence and not automation Giannandrea 2017. Likewise there comes a time when a certain moral belief is hampering you to perform a task on call of duty. Machines can do what ought to be done. Figure 1 The use of drones by the US is seen by some as a prelude to the deployment of autonomous weapons — allowing nations to conduct war with little fanfare or attention. Photo by Isaac Brekken/Getty Images What we need to understand is we were born and brought up in an environment where we learned certain skill sets to achieve the best life we can. We are afraid when those skills get obsolete and certain other skills are required in the world to survive. That is why people die after living their life and leave the world to the next generation who will be better capable to compete in the changed environment and circumstances. The jobs in the future could be about building bots or to exercise decisive powerto choose an apt solution from various options provided by a botLin 2014. 3 People need banking but they do not need banks Artificial Intelligence replaces jobs that require heavy technical skills because they are routine and predictable. The jobs that require an extensive amount of soft skills are harder to replace by an AI. Digital is a job-killer for ten years now whether or not the Schumpeter’s theory will still apply is the core of the debate. There is something new with the digital revolution in which Artificial Intelligence is just one single but important part is that digital is scalable James Manyika 2011.

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International Journal of Computer Trends and Technology IJCTT – Volume 52 Number 1 October 2017 ISSN: 2231-2803 Page 11 Figure 2 Artificial Intelligence builds an Artificial Intelligence that is more powerful than itself at Google MGM Yes with Artificial Intelligence everything becomes scalable that means that one single team can design one single driverless system that will automate millions of trucks. Of course this will generate new jobs like to control the security of those trucks. But we will need a single team of few guys to design a single software to control those millions of trucksNelson 1995. The real question in this world is are humans physical desires for material goods infinite or not. 3.1 Limitations of Artificial Intelligence based Robots Artificial Intelligence can repeat complex but repeatable processes. There have been many attempts at random thought or spontaneity but it still boils down to weighted processes and randomly picking the best choice of choices given. Pattern and facial recognition have only added to the levels of which AI can match patterns. AI does not have the ability to go against logic and pick a choice that "may" work with effort it will always choose based on logic. When given the job of determining how to save the world from wars and humanity it always chooses the draconian solution to remove the central problem in the equation "humans" that is where the long standing sky-net joke comes from. It is the most logical solution to the problem but not the one that is of preference to everyone involved. So yes if you have a completely logical job that can be coded into a set of determined solutions and outcomes based on patterns then you will be eventually seeing your job replaced by AI. 3. Artificial Intelligence distinguishes Intelligent Partners from Smarter Machines Anything that moves humanity towards a post-scarcity society will always be preferable so long as human policy changes appropriately. There was a day that a majority of our work was done in the fields by hand and with animals. Now we have equipment and technology freeing up scores of people who could then train to do other jobs. Same will happen with low skill manufacturing and administrative tasks. Instead of seeing it as "replacing jobs" automation will free up human labor to pursue other work. Anything disruptive will of course create some hardships but on the long term our species will greatly benefit. Smarter Machines will be job killers to many who will not or cannot adaptMaslin 2005. 4. Artificial Intelligence is a Gift for Human Civilization As in earlier scenario the banking staff is busy in clerical work like casting posting report preparation etc. But introduction of computer modified job and let human intelligence to apply on other aspects like introduction of new banking products and services. Artificial Intelligence is emerging due to human brains so as we reach on more heights we will decide our next goals on more height. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning could be the next step in human evolutionNational Research Council 1999. Worlds top futurists have fears that "Humanity" might be off the cliff in another century with the current progress of AI. Stephen Hawking Elon Musk and Bill Gates have already warned about the potential threat of Artificial Intelligence.

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International Journal of Computer Trends and Technology IJCTT – Volume 52 Number 1 October 2017 ISSN: 2231-2803 Page 12 5. Conclusion Technology shifts jobs requirements or descriptions. Anything that is created with the intent to be more efficient than a Human or any other Animal will surely make the Human or Animal redundant. When quantum computers will be common IA will afford impressive possibilities and our lives will surely really change. The question is just: what will happen for people who won’t have access to such technologies References 1 Brynjolfsson E. 2016. The Second Machine Age: Work Progress and Prosperity in a Time of Brilliant Technologies. W. W. Norton Company. 2 Centre on Migration Policy and Society. 2017. School of Anthropology. Retrieved from University of Oxford: 3 Giannandrea J. 2017 10 3. Forget Killer Robots—Bias Is the Real AI Danger. W. Knight Interviewer 4 James Manyika M. C. 2011. Big data: The next frontier for innovation competition and productivity. McKinsey Global Institute. 5 Lin P. 2014 Aug 18. Here’s a Terrible Idea: Robot Cars With Adjustable Ethics Settings. Retrieved from Wired: cars-with-adjustable-ethics-settings/ 6 Maslin J. 2005 Oct 3. New York Times: Will the Future Be a Trillion Times Better Retrieved from New York Times: 7 National Research Council . 1999. Developments in Artificial Intelligence. Funding a Revolution: Government Support for Computing Research. National Academy Press. 8 Nelson R. 1995. Leave The Driving To Us. Popular Science 26. 9 Oremus W. 2014 Aug 6. What if technological innovation is a job-killer after all Retrieved from Slate: 08/the_new_luddites_what_if_automation_is_a_job_killer_af ter_all.html 10 Russell S. J. Norvig P. 2003. Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach. Upper Saddle River New Jersey: Prentice Hall.

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