Working with Mail Merge in Microsoft Word

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Working with Mail Merge in Microsoft Word:

Working with Mail Merge in Microsoft Word By Indika Prasanna Founder of

Mail Merge, what it is?:

Mail Merge, what it is? A meeting is scheduled to held in next month to discuss future plans of your company with your dealers. As the Boss/CEO/Chairman or the computer operator of your company, you need to prepare a formal letter to inform all dealers (suppose your company has 145) about this meeting. You already have their names and contact details in a Spreadsheet (i.e. Excel) or a Database system (i.e. Access). How to do this? Next page…

Mail Merge, what it is?:

Mail Merge, w hat it is? How to do this? You write the letter, duplicate it by copy paste, copy contact details from the database into each and every letter one by one. Actually, it is wasting your valuable time… Mail Merge feature of Microsoft Word helps you to complete this job easily within few minutes .

Defining Mail Merge:

Defining Mail Merge Mail merge is a software function describing the production of multiple (and potentially large numbers of) documents from a single template form and a structured data source . ( Wikipedia ) Here… Software function : Mail Merge, it is an outstanding feature of Microsoft Word. Single template : it is simply your letter; you write just one letter and Microsoft Word allows you to send it hundreds or thousands of recipients. Structured data source : it is your spread sheet or database file which stored contact details of recipients.

Lets get started!:

Lets get started! This step-by-step screenshot tutorial helps you to learn about Mail Merge in depth. I am assuming that you, Already know how to writing a letter and formatting text using Microsoft Word, Already having a small list of contact details (of real or imaginary peoples) in Excel or Access file format. I highly recommend you to make your database in Microsoft Excel (*.xls or *.xlsx).

PowerPoint Presentation:

Select the type of Mail Here, we need to send a letter for our recipients. Select “Letters” from the “Start Mail Merge” drop-down of “Mailings” tab

PowerPoint Presentation:

Start typing the letter We need a letter to send to our recipients. Here, texts highlighted in red will be replaced/merged with each recipients’ details .

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Load Recipients List Load your recipients list into the Mail Merge Process. You can use an Excel spreadsheet or Access database file to store contact details and import it into Mail Merge.

PowerPoint Presentation:

I having this contact details spreadsheet as an example file, so I will open it through MS Word Mail Merge process

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Browse for Source File Select your data source by selecting “Use Existing List” option. You may narrow down files by file type of data source…

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Edit Recipients List If you need further editing your recipient list, use this command. It allows you to sort, filter, remove duplicates and add/ignore recipients…

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Edit Recipients List Here, you can sort, filter, find duplicates and add/ignore recipients. To ignore recipients from sending, remove the check mark from the data table; To add new recipients , click “Edit” button and click “New entry” of the ‘Edit data source’ dialog box .

PowerPoint Presentation:

Insert Recipient’s Address fields Now, it is the time to merge recipients into our invitation letter. Place the cursor where we need to add recipient’s address; select “Insert Merge Field” dropdown; and select each address block. Add recipient’s name here…

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“I have added all address fields into my letter. Just one more remaining. How about you?”

PowerPoint Presentation:

You can also highlight merged fields to make easily distinguish them from other content blocks of your letter.

PowerPoint Presentation:

Now, you can have a preview of your work. Enable “Preview Results” command and use the navigation section to move between merged letters to see the result. Enable live preview Navigate between merged letters

PowerPoint Presentation:

You may send your letters directly via E-mail or take printouts them to send via normal post. I don’t need to send them, so I select “Edit Individual Documents” option to see all merged letters.

PowerPoint Presentation:

Look! I wrote only one letter template but Mail Merge has made 74 different letters by merging this template with contact details of 74 recipients. Did I mentioned? It takes only few minutes to complete!

Step by Step Mail Merge Wizard:

Step by Step Mail Merge Wizard Hassle-free Mail Merge process of Microsoft Word. It is almost similar to the process explained in this presentation; the only difference is, wizard allows you to do this job in a step-by-step process. It is a learn-as-you-do approach, thus it is highly recommended for MS Word beginners.

PowerPoint Presentation:

Start Mail Merge Wizard here A dock-able window appears at the right of the Microsoft Word Window It is a 6 step learn-as-you-do process

Mail Merge Wizard Step 1 – 2:

Mail Merge Wizard Step 1 – 2 Step 01 Allows you to select what type of document are you working on. Select each options to see a short description at the bottom. Step 02 Select starting document. You can use the current document or an external document. If you select 2 nd or 3 rd option, wizard allows to browse template or saved file.

Mail Merge Wizard Step 3 – 4:

Mail Merge Wizard Step 3 – 4 Step 03 Select recipients list here. Click “Browse…” link to open a saved spreadsheet or database file. Step 04 Merging recipients’ contact details into the letter template. Click “More items…” link and pick necessary address blocks from the list.

Mail Merge Wizard Step 5 – 6:

Mail Merge Wizard Step 5 – 6 Step 05 Preview your individual merged letters. If you need exclude recipient(s), you may do it in this step. Step 06 Finishing the Merge. Select what you need to do, Microsoft Word will do the rest. If you select “Print…”, Word opens print dialog box. If you select “Edit individual letters”, a new MS Word window opens with individual merged letters

Final Words…:

Pass this on: You are free to use and distribute this presentation. So pass this to your friends and colleagues via email, social networks and even in offline means; and help them to learn something new … Final Words… You can also make a recipients list using Microsoft Word’s Mail Merge process itself. But making it using Excel or Access and importing into Mail Merge is easier. If you still having any questions about Mail Merge, please comment on this post . I will respond you within 48 hours.


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