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Which eCommerce platform should I choose Magento or Opencart to start my online business? Obviously, When it comes to eCommerce, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Magento Vs. Opencart – Generally, Magento and OpenCart actually have a lot in common. They are both open source platforms that are ultimately designed to facilitate eCommerce activity. Both are developed in PHP and use templates to upload products, so they can be maintained by non-programmers.


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This is one of the questions comes into the mind of the person looking to build an e-commerce website these days. As we know that there are 37 different platform available to build an e-Commerce website. Which one is good for your business Which one will offer flexibility  Which one of them is more durable  What is the basic benefit of one over another

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Before deciding to build an e-Commerce website you need to know the basic difference between them.

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What Is Magento Magento is an open source e-Commerce web application which is launched in March 2008. It is built by using an open source object-oriented web application framework implemented in PHP 5 called Zend framework. It is solely owned by Magento Inc. Usage of Magento varies from small e-Commerce websites to big multinational businesses. Till now more than 185000 websites are using it.

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What Is OpenCart OpenCart is a free open source e-Commerce shopping cart solution. It is developed by keeping in mind that the end userentrepreneurs are having limited knowledge of internet and are just looking to start. This is built on PHP and helps user to actively participate in fast moving e-Commerce world by developing a promising online business.

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e-Commerce Software Market Share

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Magento Key Features  Open-source with a healthy development community contributing to its ongoing development.  Offers a library with hundreds of extensions and can also interface with third-party applications.  Provides built-in SEO functions.  Includes order management tools such as wish lists rewards systems and gift registries.  Enables you to customize the checkout process.  Offers excellent scalability.

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OpenCart Key Features  It’s an open-source platform under regular ongoing development – in other words it isn’t going away anytime soon.  Offers a comprehensive catalog of themes and extensions with free and premium options.  Automatically tracks your store’s most important metrics and displays them prominently in the admin interface.  Accepts over 20 payment methods right out of the box.  Provides management of multiple stores from a single dashboard.  Enables you to differentiate your products according to their attributes such as colors and sizes.  Built-in affiliate and discount systems.  Helps you manage backups right from your interface.

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Pros and Cons of Magento Pros:  Highly scalable and customizable  Matchless functionality level  Ideal for Enterprise usage  Extensive community Cons:  Costly extensions  Too many features useless for most stores  Steep learning curve  Performance much dependent on hosting

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Pros and Cons of OpenCart Pros:  Very easy to use  Free and cheap extensions or themes  Responsive and nimble admin UI  Nice documentation Cons:  Limited caching and SEO functions extensions required  Tough to customize  Not so good for big-sized stores  Moderate community size

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Opencart VS Magento  Template options in Magento is very extensive than in OpenCart.  Magento supports multi store handling but OpenCart does not.  OpenCart is less SEO friendly than Magento.  Magento has ability to show product comparison and wish list Which is missing in OpenCart.  Magento offers wide range of reports for every action but OpenCart offers only sales report.  OpenCart is more cost effective platform than Magento.  OpenCart is believed to be easier to use than Magento.  OpenCart may be better for you unless you are experienced enough to improve Magento on your own.  Magento you need a stronger hosting plan to support site’s performance as compare to OpenCart.

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If ease of use and low cost are your primary considerations OpenCart is a natural choice. It doesn’t offer the advanced features or scalability that Magento does but it’s a lot easier to get up and running. salesindicsoft.com www.indicsoft.com +91-011 41029772 Conclusion

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