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How to Use Microsoft PowerPoint 2007:

How to Use Microsoft PowerPoint 2007

What is PowerPoint?:

What is PowerPoint? Presentation software that allows you to create slides, handouts, notes, and outlines. Slide shows can include text, graphics, video, animation, sound and much more.

What is New in PowerPoint 2007?:

What is New in PowerPoint 2007? New “fluent” user interface designed to make tasks easier to create The “ribbon” which is a device that presents commands organized into a set of tabs. Example below is the Home ribbon. The Microsoft Office Button where you can do the following with a document: share it, protect it, print it, publish it, and send it is at one place. Replaces the File Tab.

More New Features:

More New Features Save as PDF - you can now share your presentation email for editing or fast printouts at a decreased file size. Smart Art - make easy and useful diagrams, categorized charts, flow charts with many more selections than the old version of PowerPoint. “ On the fly” previewing - Preview changes, animations, and features in real time.

Tab Functions:

Tab Functions Home- formatting, editing, and layout Insert- shapes, more slides, tables , text, media clip Design- themes, background colors , arrange objects Animations- movement to slides or objects

Tab Functions Continued:

Tab Functions Continued Slide Show- resolution, preview, custom Review- spell check, translate text View - to show different views of your slide Add-Ins- show slides and record timings

Adding and Deleting Slides:

Adding and Deleting Slides You can add a new slide by clicking on the “new slide” icon or by clicking enter below the slide you just finished. To the right of the “new slide” icon you can delete your slide. You can add a new slide by clicking on the “new slide” icon or by clicking enter below the slide you just finished. To the right of the “new slide” icon you can delete your slide.

Turn Off “Advance Slide-On Mouse Click”:

Turn Off “Advance Slide-On Mouse Click” 2 1

Different Ways to View PowerPoint :

Different Ways to View PowerPoint To access the different slide views, click on the view ribbon at the top of the screen. On the left end of the view ribbon you will see the different choices to view your slide. Allows you to print out your PowerPoint presentation in various ways . This is great for handouts that you and your audience can use to follow along .

Backgrounds, Style, Fonts, Colors:

Backgrounds, Style, Fonts, Colors Go to the Design tab at the top of the screen to scroll through different backgrounds and styles. 1 1. Click on themes and go to the color tab to change the color of the theme. 2.You can also change the font and add some fun effects. 2 3 3. Allows you to change Background Styles and Hide Background Graphics.

Inserting Clip Art:

Inserting Clip Art

Using WordArt:

Using WordArt Go to the Insert label on your ribbon and double click on the WordArt tab. Click on the design you would like and it should automatically take you to the Drawing Tools Format tab. In the Edit WordArt text dialog box, type you text and select the desired font and size.

Using WordArt Continued….:

Using WordArt Continued…. You can select different shape styles, insert shapes, and arrange your text. To the right and at the bottom of WordArt Styles area you can change your text by adding an effect like this one.

Inserting Sound Files:

Inserting Sound Files Two Types: Embedded vs. Linked sound files Embedded sound file is directly inserted into PowerPoint Linked sound file is when a connection is created between the destination file and a source file. Destination being Word or PowerPoint document. When your presentation contains linked files, you must copy both the linked files and the presentation if you plan to give the presentation on another computer or send it to someone in an e-mail message.

Inserting Sound Files:

Inserting Sound Files 1. 2.

Inserting Animations:

Inserting Animations 1. 2. 3.

Inserting SmartArt:

Inserting SmartArt

Editing Hyperlinks:

Editing Hyperlinks Select the Design Tab 2. Select the Colors Tab

Editing Hyperlinks Continued:

Editing Hyperlinks Continued 3. Select Create New Theme Colors 4. Edit the Followed Hyperlink

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