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Call Us: +91 9915980350 Shuttering Stores & Suppliers for Rent /Hire Scaffolding, Props, Cuplocks, Panchkula, Chandigarh, Mohali,Zirakpur,Dhkauli, Panitpat, Karnal, Ludhaiana,Supplier on Rent/Hire Basis. Our product Range consist of steel Plates| Props| Cuplocks | Jacks | Channels | Clamps| Cuplors.We supply these products to Chandigarh, Panchkula, Mohali,Zirakpur,Dhakauli and other parts of Punjab,Haryana,Himachal Pradesh.Our Products are made of high quality materials and procured from very trusted suppiers. We supply the shuttering and scaffolding material for the construction of mega projects like malls, multiplexes, housing societies, IT buildings, factories, commercial complexes,townships, shopping arcades throughout the country at very competeive rates.Firm is in existence since last 25 years and has reach.ed today at a pioneer level through the efforts & hard work our dedicated team.Contact us for Concrete wall formwork, Roof Scaffolding Formworks,Scaffolding Brackets & Scaffolding Formworks.


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What is Formwork, Shuttering, Centring, Scaffolding and Staging:

What is Formwork, Shuttering, Centring , Scaffolding and Staging

Formwork :

Formwork All Arrangements Made to Contain and Support the liquid Slurry in building construction Project Till The Time it Hardens Enough to Support Itself and Take the Desired Shape is Called Formwork.


Cenetring It is That Part of Formwork Which Supports the Horizontal part of Surface. Like Beam Bottom, Slab Bottom

Shuttering :

Shuttering It is That Part Of Formwork Which Supports and Holds Vertical Part of Formwork. Like Beam Side,Slab Side,Column Side

Scaffolding :

Scaffolding It is Temperory Structure Created to Make a Plateform for Men to Work at Heights and Hold the Materials at Heights.

Staging :

Staging A Base Created to Hold Shuttering and Centring in Construction. It could Be Props, Cuplocks , or Wooden Ballies to hold Shuttering and Centtring at Heights.

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