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TRADE UNION Organisation of workers acting collectively, who seek to protect and promote their mutual interests through collective bargaining


Forms CLASSICAL – Protect the interests of workers – express the needs ,aspirations , wishes of workers NEO – CLASSICAL – Improving issues like tax reliefs , raising saving rates , etc., REVOLUTIONARY CHANGE IN THE SYSTEM – Through violence , use of force


FUNCTIONS MILITANT OR PROTECTIVE OR INTRA-MURAL FUNCTIONS – protecting workers interests –wage hike, job security , collective bargaining & strikes ,gheraos ,etc., FRATERNAL or EXTRAMURAL FUNCTIONS – financial & non-financial assistance to workers during strikes & lockouts, medical facilities ,education , recreation, religious benefits ,etc.,

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POLITICAL FUNCTIONS – Affiliating with political party – collect donation – help during strikes SOCIAL FUNCTIONS – Social service activities ,discharging social responsibilities


OBJECTIVES Wages & Salaries Working Conditions Discipline Personnel policies Welfare Employer-Employee relations Negotiating Machinery Safeguarding organisational health & the interest of the Industry


ROLES Sectional bargainer – Interests of workers @ plant,Industry,National level – multiplicity of unions, Crafts union, White collar union , etc., Class bargainer – interests of Particular class – Agriculture Unions , Civil servants union Agents of State – Railway strike , INTUC stood behind Partners in Social Control – Germany , Holland ,France , Italy & Sweden

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Unions Role - enemies of economic system – politics driven – Leftist – fundamental economic change – high wages & bonus – wont consider economy Business oriented role – consider interests of organisation as well - swim & sink together Unions as Change agent – lead changes – pioneering role


CLASSIFCATIONS Based on Ideology Revolutionary Unions – Destruction of existing one & creating new one – Shift in power & authority & use force(LEFT) Reformist or Welfare Unions – Exchanges in existing Socio-political framework – European model Uplift Unions – Advocates beyond working conditions – Poverty elimination , Change in tax system

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Based on Trade Membership based on trade they represent – Craft union(WEST) certified to do certain craft like pipe fitting , Carpentry – not in INDIA & SRILANKA Range of workers represented in general union from all trades - in INDIA & SRILANKA BLUE-COLLAR WORKERS – Workers on the Production floor or Outdoor Trades(Construction site) WHITE –COLLAR WORKERS – Employees in shops & Offices – clerical & allied functions Industry they work – Agricultural Labour union, Forest workers union

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Based on agreement Closed Shop – Workers should be join the union to become the employee – Hartley Act 1947 bans this – Still exist in US – also called HIRING HALL Union Shop - All new recruits should the union within the period Preferential shop – union members given preference in filling the vacancy Maintenance shop – No compulsory membership b4 & after recruitment – membership remains compulsory once chosen Agency Shop – Non union member pays equal to member to continue employment Open Shop - No compulsory membership b4 & after recruitment - no unions at all

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