Common Causes of Lower Back Pain

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Back pain can happen due to lifting heavy objects, bending or moving in awkward manner or due to some disease. If you are suffering from back pain then you should get treatment from pain specialist.


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4 Common Causes of Lower Back Pain Back pain can really spoil the quality of your life and it varies. It could be a mild backache or severe one. Fortunately 90 percent of back pain can be treated without surgery. Usually back pain happens due to lifting heavy weights abruptly bending or moving in an awkward manner or being in the same position for too long. Apart from these there are causes which don’t relate to muscle injury or strain. These causes are: 1. Sciatica Back pain caused by sciatica is felt in buttocks and down the legs. The reason behind this is that sciatic nerves run from the back of your pelvis down both legs and feet. Common symptoms are numbness and weakness in leg muscles. Sciatica pain is caused due to a slipped disc which further presses the sciatica nerve and hence causes the pain. Sciatica pain can be cured by taking pain-killers prescribed by a lower back pain specialist. You must also do exercises as advised by the doctor. Hot and cold packs also prove to be useful.

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2. Slipped Disc The cause of a slipped disc often remains unknown but usually it occurs because of bending awkwardly heavy lifting sedentary lifestyle such as sitting for long periods or driving for a long time or a traumatic injury and so forth. If you feel weakness or a paralytic feeling around your legs numbness around anal and genital region an inability to walk smoothly or to control bowel movements then you must immediately visit a pain specialist in Ahmedabad. Usually it takes 5 to 6 weeks to recover from slipped disc but in some cases it might take a bit longer as well. 3. Osteoarthritis Pain caused due to Osteoarthritis is usually only experienced in the affected joint but it could also spread to other parts of the body. For some people the pain is constant while for others it occurs when the affected joint is moved. By following structured work-out programs and taking pain-killers it can be cured. If you experience a hot or swollen joint uncontrolled pain or inability to move the joint you must immediately see a pain specialist in Ahmedabad. 4. Spondylolisthesis Spondylolisthesis is a condition in which lower back lumber spine slips out of position onto the bone underneath. Pain caused due to Spondylolisthesis gets worse with increased activity. Pain in the buttocks tight hamstrings and tenderness around the affected bone is caused due to Spondylolisthesis. Common symptoms are: severe leg pain weakness in the legs numbness around genital areas and buttock region. Patients who get done back pain treatment in Ahmedabad get benefitted in a relatively quicker time. So if you suffer with any of the above visit a pain specialist in Ahmedabad today.

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