How to give an Effective Presentation

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How to give an Effective Presentation : 

How to give an Effective Presentation

Outline : 

Outline Sample Presentation Meaning Planning Designing Delivering Use of Visuals Conclusion

What it Means?? : 

What it Means?? Few Guidelines that improve the quality of a presentation Success of Presentation Depends on – How well the audience understood the content

If Not?? : 

If Not?? Effectiveness is lost May not listen & loose interest May find hard to see/ read People don’t like to read long sentences Find hard to follow up Too much technical or boring

The 4 P’s : 

The 4 P’s Plan Prepare Practice Present

Where to start? : 

Where to start? Plan Why? Who? Prepare What? Practice How? Presentation When? Where?

Planning : 

Planning Why? Reason for presentation Impact on audience What action Who? Age Knowledge of subject Cultural Make up Size Language Time available

Prepare : 

Prepare Research Books, Webs, articles 1. Must Know Expertise Statistics 2. Should Know Examples Demonstrations 3. Better to know Exhibits

Prepare Structure : 

Prepare Structure Introduction/ Beginning  Body/ Middle  Summary/ End

Structure - Introduction : 

Structure - Introduction Greet the audience Start in a Friendly way Tell them About the title Who you are Why are you here How experienced you are with the subject Approximate time Outline

Structure- Body : 

Structure- Body Properly Organized Logical General  Specific Known  Unknown Accepted  Controversial Cause  Effect Problem  Solution Emphasize more using real life examples Use Pictures, graphs, tables & animations Indicate where are you

Structure- Summary : 

Structure- Summary Tell them what you told them but in brief Draw Conclusions Beyond the Presentation? Any Questions? References Thank Audience Any other Person

Practice : 

Practice How? Reduces Nerves (be natural & relax) Do not over Practice Get Familiar with Presentation aids Judge Timings Strong Opinions Clear Points Logical Flow Strong ending

Presentation : 

Presentation Vary Voice Body Language Eye Contact Timing Speed Get audience to Talk Read your audience

Use of visuals : 

Use of visuals

Use of Visuals : 

Use of Visuals What are Visuals Graphs Chart Maps Photos Drawings Images models Video/ film Objects What Media are used? Transparencies/ slides Power point slides Video projection/ Projector Handouts

Why use visuals : 

Why use visuals Focus audience’s attention Illustrate points that are difficult Verbalize to reinforce ideas Visual to involve and motivate audience To Involve all senses As logical proof Save time & avoid putting information on a board Avoid turning your back to the audience when writing on a board

A Slide to be effective : 

A Slide to be effective Keep it simple Be consistent Minimum surprise Suitable background & template 1 Idea per slide Proper blend of Colors, type of font, size, boldface, italics & animations Suitable pictures of proper size

Presentation Challenges : 

Presentation Challenges Questions Get the question Correctly Answer with what you had already told Give necessary reference If you don’t know the answer tell that Interruptions Remember where you stop Deal with detractors Nervousness & shy

Few more Tips : 

Few more Tips If you say I’ll explain later, make sure to explain them Try to minimize looking backwards Proper grammar doesn’t matter, if it makes sense But proper spellings are essential Show only the key words, not everything Emphasize specific sections using arrows & proper animations

Conclusion : 

Conclusion Make it BIG KISS- Keep it Simple & Short Make it clear Be consistent

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