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IMPEXSPORT 2315 NW 107th Ave Suite 1M28 Doral FL 33172 USA The Surprising Health Benefits Of Multivitamins According to the survey of 2006 people by the Council for Responsible Nutrition more than two out of three Americans adults take dietary supplements. Experts suggest to choose men’s vitamins for energy because it plays a crucial role keeping men energized throughout the day. Here is some of surprising health benefits of multivitamins that are noteworthy to read have a look:  Better Memory  Less Cancer  Fewer Deaths from Heart Disease Let us discuss them in detail: Better Memory: Do you know With a total of 3200 men and women in an analysis of 10 earlier studies as published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease it is found that multivitamins improved memory. If we talk about especially men then it is also found that they experienced improved alertness and well-being with the usage of it. If you are looking for products such as sugar free pancake syrup and top multivitamins for men feel free to contact impex. Less Cancer: According to an article published in the Journal of the American Medical Association it has been observed that those men who takes multivitamin had 12 percent less risk for all cancers except the cancer who is often not malignant or life threatening that is prostate cancer. Fewer Deaths from Heart Disease: according to a study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology among more than 77000 men and women in Washington it has been observed that in middle-aged or older people there is reduced risk of death from heart disease by 16 percent if they multivitamins for 10 years. “Impex” has a long list of loyal customers who choose their supplements without any hitch because they are into this industry for years and are known for providing quality mens vitamins for energy and other multivitamins

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