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Imperius is one of the most preferred suppliers of quality Bed, Bath, Kitchen, Table & Banqueting Linens to Hotels, Restaurants, Hospitals, Events and more in the MENA region.


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IMPERIUS I mpe r ius is one of the most p r e f e r r ed suppliers of quali t y B e d , Bath, K i t chen , T able & Banqueting Linens t o Hot el s , R estaurant s , Hospital s , E v ents and mo r e in the MENA r e g ion. Our warehousing and distribution is managed within Dubai and w e se r v e cus t omers of va r ious si z e s . W e a r e r en o wned f or our p r ompt deli v e r y of quali t y p r odu c ts t o our client s . Imperius remain committed to providing quality products by investing in development of new products by tying up with right manufacturers. Our team take great care to ensure our entire product range maintain global standards. Whether you have stayed in a hotel, eaten in a restaurant, attended a function or been to a hospital; our linens have formed part of textile backdrop of your environment. Our market knowledge and expertise combined with industry presence and diverse product range make us the most preferred business partner of choice for all our customers.


BED LINEN Specifications 100% Cotton, Poly Cotton, Long Staple Cotton, Egyptian cotton - Fabric Plain, Stripe or Jacquard from 180TC to 1000TC Products Our range of extremely high quality Plain, Striped & Jacquard B ed Linen includes Quilt/Du v et C o v er s , B ed Sheets & P ill o w C ase s , pe r f e c t ed f r om our ma r k et expe r tis e . Our fab r ic is desi g ned a r ound comme r cial users t o p r o vide luxu r ious com f o r t an d aesthetics without comp r omising o n th e essential durabili t y and wash pe r f o r mance our cus t omers h av e come t o expe c t. Bed Sheets, Duvet Covers, Pillow Cases, Pillow Protectors


DUVETS, PILLOWS & BLANKETS We carry a wide range of fi lled products in down, feather or micro fi ber for Pillows, Duvets, Mattress Protectors, Toppers etc. Our down products are specially designed to provide warmth & relaxation while sleeping. We have 6 types of Menu Pillows such as DOPPIA, TWIN, COTTON SENSE, MEDILAT, MEDIBON, and MEDINORM meeting European Standards. Specifications Outer Cover: 100% cotton or poly cotton in 180TC to 233TC Luxury blankets made from cashmere, wool, cotton, fleece or acrylic to compliment every room in your dwelling & complete any bed set by matching existing colours or textile. Filled Items: Goose & Duck Down, Feather & Microfiber fillings Blankets: 100% Cotton, Cashmere, Wool, Acrylic, Fleece Products Duvets, Pillows, Mattress Toppers etc


BED RUNNER, CUSHIONS & SKIRTINGS Our hotel bed runners and cushions come in a huge array of fab r ic s , all o wing y ou t o fi nd a so f t fu r nishing option that pe r f e c tly compliments y our ho t e l . W ith wide range of o v er 175 designs to choose from, our plain and quilted runners have been widely accepted by our customers in the region. Specifications 100% Polyester Fabric or Jacquard Fabric and cotton filling for quilted runners & high elastic cotton filling for the cushions Products Runners: Quilted & Plain Cushions: With Choice of Fillings Skirting: With and Without Pleats


BATH LINEN Bath Towels & Robes of highestquality yarns seenatmostof the 5* hotels & health spa’s in the region are from our collections. Our range is designed around luxury commercial users, providing leading comfort; all while consistently maintaining high degrees of performances at the laundry. Specifications 100% Combed Cotton, 32/2s, 21/2s, 20/s, 16/s, Plain, Jacquard and Dobby Products Luxurious range, including Egyptian cotton towels, with a wide range of selection of plain and patterned designs or Jacquard design as per choice of the client. Towels : Bath Towel, Hand Towel, Face Towel, Bidet Towel, Pool/ Spa Towel Bath Mats & Bath Rugs Bathrobes : Velour, Waffle, Terry in Kimono Style or Shawl Collar


BANQUET LINEN Banquet linens can transform drab hotel and restaurant tables in t o beautifu l , p r esentational plat f o r m s . T he colou r ful cloths g i v e the o v erall look of a r oom some glamou r . Our tablecloth s , banquet linens a r e meant f or use within ho t el s , r estaurants or co n v ention cen t ers t o c r ea t e a mo r e uni f o r med appearance du r ing e v ents or meeting s . I n a mat t er of seconds these banquet linens can ma k e a ho t el fun c tion r oom or r estaurant dining a r ea ‘‘come to life’’ with a splash of color and uniformity. Specifications 100% Cotton, Poly Cotton, 100% Polyester, Polyester Lycra mix etc Products Table covers, Cocktail Covers, Chair Covers, Chair Bow, Skirting´s, Conference Velvet cloths.


TABLE LINEN Transform your dining table with some carefully chosen table linen. Whether adding a pop of colour with some placemats or c r eating a calm, minimalist f eel with a c r isp whi t e tablecloth, w e h av e e v e r ything y ou need t o b r igh t en up y our tabl e . Classic fab r ics h av e been the basis f or the fi nest table cultu r e . Our linen f r om fi nest ya r ns and with choice of wide range of pat t e r ns with high end quali t y p r odu c tion and r e fi nin g . Our table linens p r o vides the essence of supe r ior table setting s . Specifications 100% Cotton, Linen or Linen & Cotton Mix Products Napkins, Table cloths, Runners, PVC Placemats etc.


Specifications 100% Genuine Leather, PU Leather LEATHER ITEMS I mpe r ius c r ea t es leather i t ems inspi r ed b y the past, desi g ned f or the p r esent, and built f or the futu r e . W e st r i v e t o c r ea t e mode r n p r odu c ts that r espe c t the past. W e choose ca r efull y , f r om the mat e r ials w e use and the suppliers w e sele c t, t o the people w e hi r e and the pa r tners w e join. I t all traces back t o those co r e elements f or us: quali t y , long e vi t y and w o r th. Products Note pad holder, Leather Folder, TV Remote control Box Magazine/Brochure holder, Laundry List & Bag Holder Tissue Box Holder, Slipper Tray Oval Shape, Mini Bar Tray


Velour, Waffle, Terry or Fleece slippers gives you a warm, fuz z y f eelin g , ma k es y ou r emember y our w onde r ful time the r e , and ma k es y ou plan on r etu r nin g . W ith cus t omised emb r oide r y with the ho t e l ’ s name or c r est ac r oss the ins t ep or the insol e . SLIPPERS


GUEST AMENITIES Create a feeling of luxury for your guests with our range of amenities. Available in a range of fragrances, sizes and packages, our amenities will add that special something to your guest’s experience. Products Shower gel, Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Lotion, Soap PENS PENCILS Metal, Plastic Pens, Pencils with your choice of colour and customised printing. Shaving Kit, Dental Kit, Shoe Sponge, Vanity Kits Sewing Kit, Loofah, Shower Cap, Sanitary Bags, Comb etc.


UNIFORMS I mpe r iu s ’ s Uni f o r m division is specialised in cus t omi z ed uniforms for the various C o r pora t e s , Ai r line s , and ensu r es quali t y cra f t ed discipline s . sectors such as Hotels, Hospitals, S chools e t c . Our dedica t ed t eam uni f o r ms spanning all f o r ms of

Slide14: IMPERIUS TRADING LLC P.O Box 232871 Khalid Bin Waleed Street Dubai, UAE Phone: +971 4 352 7796

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