10 Most Important Things to Know Before You Plan for an Egypt Tour

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The land of Egypt is beyond beautiful. When you see the magnificent monuments that reside here it is going to leave an everlasting impression on you undoubtedly. If you are browsing through this article then there are good chances that you are seriously considering an Egypt tour or have already booked your flights. Either way it is great. You will be happy to know that you are coming to a picturesque location and that you are in the best hands. Nothing or no one is ever going to make you regret your decision because you have the guarantee of spending a fabulous time here. Here are ten crucial things that you need to know before you go to the mysterious land of mummies. 1. Carry enough clothes The country is sandy and dusty. Your clothes can get dirty quickly and though hair washing each night is not a bad idea washing clothes is a pain. Prepare yourself to rinse clothes with soap each night and if not then pack in extra items that you can wear. For the ladies out there it can slightly get complicated as it is an Islamic country. Though the nation is liberal yet you must carry a headscarf or hijab with you especially if you are visiting the mosques. When on Egypt Tours women travelers can pack in long dresses. 2. Decide on the time to visit

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Do not make any mistakes instead steer clear of making trips during summers. This is because the mercury soars and the temperature can rise to forty-five degrees Celsius and it is also quite dusty. Therefore Egypt Tours may get unbearable. Remember that nights are quite freezing. And therefore if summers are your ideal Season then sweaters have to be carried along with a warm pair of socks. 3. Make sure you are not visiting during Ramadan The most favorable time that you can decide to visit the place is from April to October. This is the ideal Season for the tourists however December to February is suitable as much. In case if you have plans to visit during off-seasons that is not a bad idea at all. A few people do that because then you can enjoy fewer crowds and lower prices on hotels. Another vital thing is never planning a trip during Ramadan time. 4. Carry hand sanitizer and toilet paper You never know which place you land up in. Sanitary standards in many countries are not that up to the mark. Also you may not find soap or toilet paper. Be prepared to pack these along especially if you are a germaphobe.

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5. Carry your dollars The dollar is most respected in Egypt because one US dollar equals eighteen Egyptian pounds. You can easily book rooms at luxurious locations by only shelling out a little above hundred dollars. 6. Keep in mind that Cairo traffic is outrageous Traffic in Giza or Cairo is simply atrocious therefore you must always book the Ubers or taxis. Taxis are quite cheap here and therefore you can choose them as your means to travel. 7. Go for travel organizers that offer competitive prices The cost to book Egyptian travel is not much at all. Therefore opt for the trip organizers that provide competitive pricing which is cheaper in comparison if you are hailing from a developed country.

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8. Research about the food Most people that have traveled to this country loved the food it had to serve. You can eat anything from the local vegetables to basic kebabs through a traditional dish called Koshary. This dish is a vegetarian dish but the country is known for its meat dishes as well. If you are vegan research well before you come here to know the items you can eat. 9. The economical place to stay Beds in dorms are cheap and you may have to pay anything between three to four dollars. Guesthouses charge about twelve dollars for each night and ones with higher standards can be above one hundred forty dollars. 10. Do not even think about skipping the Sphinx and pyramids Egypt stands tall with its beauty because of the Sphinx and pyramids hence you cannot manage to miss them. Plan your trip accordingly so that you can have your fair share of fun on the Nile cruise and also visit the pyramids.

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