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SOME IMPORTANT THINGSYOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUTFOODSTAMPS They are no longer actually food stamps-but rather a food benefit. This benefit can be accessed through the use of an electronic benefit card-which you swipe just like a credit card Or: They are direct deposited to your bank account as cash-if you are elderly (age 65 and up) or disabled. The food stamp program is Vermont’s biggest nutrition program,giving you federal dollars to buy more food and support your local economy.

Food Stamps Make Vermont Stronger : 

Food Stamps Make Vermont Stronger Using food stamps supports Vermont farmers and your neighborhood stores in addition to jobs in your community. If you get food stamps you won’t be taking away from anyone else, there’s always enough for everyone.

True or False? : 

True or False? You can’t get food stamps if you’re working, laid off or unemployed. You can’t get food stamps if you don’t have children. You can’t get food stamps unless you’re on welfare. You can’t get food stamps unless you have a home and a place to cook. You can’t get food stamps if you own your own home or car. You can’t get food stamps if you’re an immigrant. All False ! There is one requirement: Your income or your resources are limited. To really know if you qualify you must apply! Call for an application today.

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Food stamps help you stretch your dollars at the grocery store so you can eat a variety of healthy foods, such as grains (especially whole grains), meat, dairy products, fruits , and vegetables every day. Good foods can help you and your family stay healthy.

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Preparing meals with family members is another good way to increase your health benefit from food stamps. Sharing food and conversation with others increases your over all well being.

Where to Use Food Stamps : 

Where to Use Food Stamps If you are using an EBT card (electronic benefit card) you simply choose a store that accepts food stamps and swipe your card when you are done shopping, just as you do a debit or credit card. The remaining balance on your card will be displayed right on the store receipt-so you will always know how much is left. You can use your food stamps anywhere that accepts them, in any town-even in NH!

Where Do You Get Food Stamps? : 

Where Do You Get Food Stamps? You can apply at all of the SEVCA offices, just call us for an appointment at the one nearest your home: Brattleboro: 802-254-2795 Springfield: 802-885-6153 Westminster: 802-722-4575 White River Jct: 802-295-5215 Or, you can apply at your nearest Department for Children and Families, Division of Economic Services, even if you are single and have no children.

What If I Have More Questions? : 

What If I Have More Questions? If you have questions, you can call your local Food Stamp office, Community Action agency, or Council on Aging. You can find your local or 800 numbers for these agencies by calling 211-it’s a free call! You can also go online at: - this is website about the program and it has info about other programs you may qualify for in addition to food stamps.

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