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The Engaging Leader Framework

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Leadership Training Aligned to the QPS Capability and Leadership Framework “Fantastic presentation! A must for leaders! Exceeded expectations! Great for any leader in any organisation!” Debra Campbell, Qld Police Academy

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Research shows that 70%+ of employees are non engaged at work… the impact on performance is significant. Employee engagement may be the greatest challenge facing today’s managers!

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Being the Boss is no Longer Good Enough… Todays managers must become engaging leaders!

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The 7 Steps to Becoming an Engaging Leader…

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1. Lead With Purpose Build team solidarity Define a legacy Fulfil the unique human need for meaning

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2. Build Trust Trust is a doing word! Trust results from trustworthy behaviour Individual – Team – Organisation

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“All managers and supervisors should do this course. If you get these skills right, the rest is easy.” M. Kerl, Qld Transport

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3. Know Your People One size does not fit all! Understand their personality and behavioural preferences Communicate to your people in their best way

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4. Communicate With Influence Listening is the most powerful influence skill of all Balance the consideration of listening with the courage to speak up Get the assertive fit right

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5. Take Action It’s not what happens to you… it’s what you do about it that counts Lead by example and focus on the goal Recognise positive action and results

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6. Build Team Performance Establish accountability Open up lines of communication Adjust your leadership style to the needs of your follower (again, one size does not fit all)

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7. Think Creatively Make time for exploration Give yourself a fighting chance to develop new insights Use non-linear note taking methods to think visually

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“If you are serious about expanding your leadership qualities this course is definitely worthwhile.” Darryl Crees, Cairns Regional Council

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About James McNamara James teaches people how to get others to willingly follow! Whether you are leading a team, facilitating change or managing difficult behaviour, James has the influence strategies you need.

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Contact We’d love to hear from you and chat about how we can help to develop the leadership capability of your managers… James McNamara Founder – The Impact Factory 1300 790 150

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