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Collier County Community Redevelopment Agency ANNUAL REPORT 2010 Immokalee

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Economic development Housing Infrastructure Natural resources Land use and urban design Inter-local and intergovernmental coordination IMMOKALEE CRA GOALS

Economic Development :

Economic Development 1.1 Attract New and Retain Existing Business . CRA staff met with 24 separate entities who wanted to open a business in Immokalee during 2010. The BCC and the CRA partnered with FHREDI and Opportunity Florida toward a $23.7 million Department of Commerce grant to bring broadband to rural Florida in 2011, to include Immokalee.

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The Commercial Façade Grant Program Awarded grants to 15 businesses $200,000 TIF funds expended. The Immokalee Business Development Center Office Space Staff CDBG Grant Funding

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Enterprise Zone Program Procedural and technical assistance to 61 new and existing businesses Ag-Tronix Agricultural Irrigation Systems American Discount Pharmacy Corporation Tax Credit Services (Family Dollar Stores, Inc.) Florida Specialties, LLC 181 new jobs were created within the Ezone $92,515 in Tax Incentives awarded to businesses The Immokalee State Farmer’s Market The Florida Department of Agriculture received FEMA funds Contract for construction has been awarded

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1.2 Marketing and Branding The 2010 Marketing Plan promoted Immokalee as a regional commercial and trade hub for businesses seeking to locate or expand into Southwest Florida. Advertising was conducted throughout the year using as many venues as possible. Newspapers Magazines Presentations One on One Resources Social Media


Immokalee Today E News Facebook Twitter Web Page Major projects on tap for the immediate future Nov 19, 2010 03:16 pm An innovative business incubator, a community market, an elaborate stormwater system and a major plaza and gathering spot are all in Immokalee's immediate future. Developing rapidly into "Florida's 21st Century," Immokalee's drive into its future is being spear-headed by the Immokalee Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) and CRA planners met Thursday to chart the course for 2011.

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ImmokaleeToday.com web site was viewed in 25 countries 66% Florida 14% Georgia 3% New York Roughly 22% of the peak-number of visits coincide with the e-newsletter release days.

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Resources available: Immokalee CRA Collateral Brochure for new and existing businesses. Florida Export Finance Corporation providing loans to Florida export businesses. Produce Stickers

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1.3 Tourism and Ecotourism During 2010, the CRA completed the inventory of all available natural resources. The Pepper Ranch is the newest addition and is now open to the public on Saturdays morning from 8 am to 1 pm (excluding hunt weekends) until Easter. Tourism sites included as a part of the economic development marketing.

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1.4 Develop Cultural Celebrations Grant to the Eastern Collier Chamber of Commerce toward the revival of the Immokalee Harvest Festival in March of 2010. Celebration of Cultures Formed a not-for-profit corporation. CRA provided technical assistance with governing documents, leadership development, assistance and participation from local businesses. Upcoming event January 15-16, 2011.


Housing 2.1 Improve Immokalee Campaign The CRA continues to be a part of the Community Task Force: the Health, Sheriff, and Code Enforcement Departments in the effort to improve Immokalee. 2.2 Diversify Housing Stock Housing Condition Inventory Grant from the CRA and the Community Foundation to the Housing Collaborative. The study will provide the basis to define both the housing needs and the need for a housing rehabilitation program.

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Esperanza Place CRA partnership with Empowerment Alliance of Southwest Florida and Florida Non-Profit Services. Rental units ribbon cutting – Jan. 12, 2011 . Applications from tenants are being accepted. 2010 - Majority of the infrastructure is in place, CRA expenditure to date just under $500,000.

Infrastructure Improvements:

Infrastructure Improvements 3.1 Major Roadway Projects Transportation Sub-Committee Support the loop road and to guide the process. The CRA sought County sponsorship for FDOT CMS Box Fund Grant for illuminated crosswalks. The Collier County Community Traffic Safety Team (CTST) has agreed to conduct an updated traffic study.

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3.2 Stormwater and Drainage Stormwater Master Plan was commissioned by South Florida Water Management District (FSWMS) Big Cypress Basin and approved by the BCC. Phase I Implementation The Immokalee CRA was awarded $3.5 million in DRI funds from the Housing , Human and Veteran Services Department for Phase I of the project. The land (11.25 acres) has been purchased. The consultants, CDM, delivered 100% Drawings (for Boston Ave) to FDOT and CC Transportation; 60% Drawings for the entire project and will be submitted for ERP and ACOE Permit Applications.

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SFWMD-Big Cypress Basin – Study CC Transportation Department - $213,946 CRA- $200,000 US HUD/DCA/CCHHVS - $3.5 million - DRI Reduce Flooding Health and Safety Litter Impediments Address Water Quality

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Stormwater Phase 1 Site Plan

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MSTU, CRA, and Seminole Casino Partnership New Street Banners AND Lighted Christmas Decorations

Natural Resources:

Natural Resources 4.1 Protection of Significant Natural Resources The CRA placed the Wetlands Overlay into the Future Land Use Map to ensure those areas will be protected. Stormwater Mitigation Bank The CRA has taken steps to incorporate a storm water mitigation bank into the Storm Water Master Plan projects.

Land Use/Urban Form and Design:

Land Use/Urban Form and Design 5.1 Immokalee Area Master Plan (IAMP) The IAMP was submitted in December of 2008 to the Collier County Community Development and Environmental Services Department (CDES) for review as a Comprehensive Plan Amendment. On June 22, 2010, the IAMP was approved by the BCC and conveyed to DCA on June 29, 2010. Collier County received the ORC Report on September 7, 2010. It is expected that the final IAMP will be approved by the BCC early in 2011.

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5.2 Transportation Plan December 2010, the CRA Advisory Committee received the transportation plan from Tindell Oliver which will included modeling of the major arteries, street needs within the community and a proposal for a transportation exception area study. 5.3 Capital Improvements Plan The name of this document will be changed to CRA projects priority list and will be the final piece to be delivered when the IAMP receives final approval early in 2011.

Design Standards:

Design Standards 6.1 Land Development Regulations On May 20, 2010, the BCC adopted the Interim LDC to facilitate development until new land development codes are in place. The CRA Advisory Committee reviewed the draft LDC for Immokalee at the December 2010 meeting.

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6.2 Public Realm/Town Design On June 11, 2010, the Immokalee CRA won the 2010 Award of Merit for a Public Study for the Public Realm and Town Design with Form Based Guidelines from the Florida Planning and Zoning Association at the 58 th Annual Conference in Sarasota, Fl.

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The 9 th Street Plaza A proposal is being developed for presentation to the Texas Roadhouse Corporation for construction of the plaza. CRA has met with Development Services staff to determine critical path through permitting. CRA has met with local trades and contractors for matching funds and volunteers. The Texas Roadhouse will arrive in April of 2011 with 1,500 volunteers and will spend one day on projects in Immokalee.

Interlocal and Intergovernmental Coordination:

Interlocal and Intergovernmental Coordination 7.1 Improve Range of Human Services During 2010 Building Permits are accepted in Immokalee every Tuesday. 7.2 Coordination with County and Regulatory Agencies The Airport Authority, the County Manager’s Office (and Departments under his supervision), the Clerk of Courts (Finance Department) MSTU, Celebration of Cultures, nonprofit organizations, private citizens and civic organizations, Florida Department of Agriculture, FHREDI, and local businesses.

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Tax Increment Revenue

2010 Revenues:

2010 Revenues

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2010 Expenses

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Summary The IAMP and the LDCs are working their way through the review process. Implementation of the Public Realm/Town Design Plan has begun . CRA assisted many new businesses with incentives and technical assistance. Aggressive marketing plan proven to be successful. Immokalee Business Development Center implemented. Commercial Façade Program grants were awarded to 5 businesses. Infrastructure projects implemented: Esperanza Place, Stormwater Master Plan, Aviation Viewing Area and Broadband. Housing Condition Inventory funded. The CRA/MSTU partnership activated – new street banners. Applications submitted for crosswalks and sidewalks. Land acquisition for plazas and open space has begun. The State Enterprise Zone awarded tax incentives of $92,515. The CRA facilitated a Harvest Festival and the Celebration of Cultures organization. Operational Plan for 2011 is ready for implementation.

2011 and Beyond:

2011 and Beyond Top Priority based on IMAP and Operational Plan Economic Development Via Marketing Via Infrastructure Development Via Business Incubation Via Land Use Initiatives Via Intergovernmental Coordination

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