Immokalee CRA Annual Report 2009


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MISSION STATEMENT Those of us who live and work in Immokalee envision a future for our town. We see new business and job opportunities in international trade and distribution, agri-business, ecotourism, recreation and entertainment, and the construction industry. We see Immokalee as an attractive, sustainable community with affordable workforce housing, parks and outstanding schools – a place where people walk and bicycle to do their errands, and where parents are returning to school to finish their education and master new job skills. Main Street will have a Latin flavor – colorful plazas, outdoor cafes, shops and entertainment – attracting both the local community and the tourists who come to explore our unique ecology or gamble at the Casino.

Immokalee Area Master Plan : 

Immokalee Area Master Plan Status of the Plan December 2008 – Submitted June 2009 – Hearing schedule set by BCC Two sufficiency reviews Two major revisions December 2009 CCPC Workshop in Immokalee


IMMOKALEE CRA GOALS Economic development Housing Infrastructure Natural resources Land use and urban design Inter-local and intergovernmental coordination.

GOAL – Economic Development : 

GOAL – Economic Development

Goal- Economic Development : 

Goal- Economic Development Marketing Articles in Naples Daily News Marketing Department Marketing Plan Trademark Social Media – Web Page, Facebook, Twitter Kiosk and Banner Displays Labeling Partnerships

Goal- Economic Development : 

Goal- Economic Development 2. Business Development Activities Met with new and/or expanding businesses Developed a folder with incentive inserts Assisted new businesses in Immokalee

Goal- Economic Development : 

Goal- Economic Development Immokalee Business Development Center (IBDC) CRA partnership with the Airport Authority Board to establish a learning laboratory for entrepreneurial enterprises at the Immokalee Airport. Provide reasonably priced rental real estate. Provide technical assistance to entrepreneurs.

Goal- Economic Development : 

Goal- Economic Development Commercial Façade Grant Program Ten Grants Awarded in 2009 Total funds awarded - $156,569.00

Goal- Economic Development : 

Goal- Economic Development Celebration of Cultures CRA staff and local citizens created an event in an effort to reach groups not previously involved in CRA activities, increase awareness of CRA presence and activities, and raise funds for scholarships for Immokalee students who volunteered to assist with the event.

Goal - Housing : 

Goal - Housing Esperanza Place - $200,000 EZone Awards - $360,000

Goal - Infrastructure : 

Goal - Infrastructure Immokalee Stormwater Master Plan (ISMP) ISMP, commissioned by South Florida Water Management District (FSWMS) on behalf of Collier County. Collier County Stormwater Department and CRA Brought the ISMP to BCC accepted and approved ISMP Released an RFP to get projects “shovel ready” Completed application for DRI Grant funding

Goal - Infrastructure : 

Goal - Infrastructure Airport Park Expansion – Event Park Collier County Parks and Recreation and the CRA $90,000 each Close entry to HWY 29 Fence entire 7 acres Paved handicap parking Pervious gravel parking Walkway around interior Fill and Turf (Fill provide by Airport Authority)

Goal – Land Use and Urban Design : 

Goal – Land Use and Urban Design

Goal – Land Use and Urban Design : 

Goal – Land Use and Urban Design Public Realm and Town Design Book end plazas/public space Intermediate and long term landscaping plans MSTU Beautification Partnership Form-Based Guidelines Interim LDC Land Acquisition

Slide 18: 

1st STREET 9st STREET Central Business District Work Area

9th Street Plaza : 

9th Street Plaza Existing Trees Bio-Swale Amphitheater/Stage Lawn & Event Tenting Perimeter Fencing S 9th Street Restrooms & Bike Lockers Interactive Fountain SR-29/ Main Street Boston Avenue

1st Street Plaza : 

1st Street Plaza N 1st Street SR-29/ Main Street

Landscaping Plans : 

Landscaping Plans Intermediate Plans Long Term Plans

Slide 23: 

Next Steps: Conceptual Design Public Input Design Development Construction Documents

Goal – Inter Local & Inter-Governmental Coordination : 

Goal – Inter Local & Inter-Governmental Coordination New Partnerships 2009: Collier County Airport Authority Collier County Parks and Recreation Collier County Department of Transportation (MSTU and Stormwater Department) Celebration of Cultures (private citizens, private business and civic organizations) Florida Department of Agriculture

2010 Operational Goals : 

2010 Operational Goals Operational Plan Workshop Results Marketing & branding Attract new businesses and retaining existing businesses Major road projects Stormwater & drainage “Improve Immokalee” campaign

Tax Increment Revenue : 

Tax Increment Revenue

2009 Revenues : 

2009 Revenues

2009 Expenses : 

2009 Expenses

Summary : 

Summary The Draft Immokalee Area Master Plan and Interim LDC are working their way through the review process. A Immokalee Public Realm, Town Design and Form-Based Guidelines are complete. CRA assisted many new businesses with incentives and technical assistance. Created and implemented an aggressive marketing plan. Groundwork for a business development center at the Immokalee Airport is completed. The CRA continues to assist residents with issues under the Red Flag Program. Commercial Façade Program grants were awarded to 10 businesses. Infrastructure projects have started and were partially funded with TIF funds: Esperanza Place, Stormwater Master Plan and Airport Park Expansion.  The MSTU area and responsibilities have been expanded. Land acquisition for plazas and open space has begun. The State Enterprise Zone awarded tax refunds to 104 housing units in Immokalee. The CRA facilitated a new non-profit and produced a Celebration of Cultures event. The Operational Plan for 2010 is ready for implementation.

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