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Provided to the Board of Collier County Community Redevelopment Agency in January 2013


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What does a Community Redevelopment Agency do? : 

What does a Community Redevelopment Agency do? CRAs are designed to breathe new life into areas in need of revitalization and economic development. CRAs provide communities with a better economy through improved infrastructure, job opportunities and housing. 2

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Redevelopment activities retain and create jobs. They increase business opportunities for residents, merchants and investors. Provide local jobs through construction, planning, operations and business – both new and existing. Assist established business owners through improvement programs such as façade grants, streetscaping, lighting, parking and signage. 3 Business

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CRAs provide clean and safe environments through the redevelopment of stormwater management systems, including watershed planning, land conservation, and pollution prevention. 4 Infrastructure

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Stormwater management reduces the amount of pollutants in runoff to reduce the threat to drinking water supplies, recreation and wildlife. Redevelopment implements stormwater safety by improving site designs, preserving natural drainage systems, enhancing water quality and preventing future flood damage. CRAs support clean water goals that allow residents to be proud of their community. 5

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CRAs work to create affordable housing and homeownership opportunities for area residents. Affordable housing options created by CRA projects include new or rehabilitated properties that are key to the revitalization of blighted neighborhoods. CRAs coordinate with local housing authorities to identify area families in need of affordable housing and work to ameliorate their situation. 6 Housing

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CRAs are in the best position to identify a community’s safety needs because they are locally governed. CRAs make capital improvements to the community including projects that increase safety, such as street lighting, sidewalks, etc. CRAs work to make improvements to a community with parks, community centers, providing activities for citizens of all ages. 7 Safety

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CRAs work in transforming streetscapes to improve communities and encourage public interaction. CRAs provide streetscaping opportunities including improvements to roads, lighting, landscaping, sidewalk conditions and building fronts. Streetscape improvements create welcoming environments for pedestrians and cyclist. 8 Streetscape

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CRAs support communities with parks and recreation facilities that serve the needs for the residents. With the help of CRAs, parks and recreation centers serve the needs of families, active adults, and young people including meeting space, fitness facilities, parks and other community activities. 9 Parks and Recreation

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CRAs have always reused, recycled and redeveloped – sustainable practices that define “green” business. CRA green projects include restoration of historic buildings, land and park conservation, stormwater treatment and public transportation. Redevelopment brings unprecedented opportunities for building communities with renewable technology. Redevelopment will provide a surge of green jobs, as businesses and property owners build new structures and upgrade existing properties with renewable technology. 10 Green Initiatives

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Business Infrastructure Intergovernmental Affairs IMMOKALEE CRA GOALS 11

Business Programs : 

Business Programs Attraction Development Retention 12

Business Attraction : 

Business Attraction Marketing Assets and Incentives Social Media Collateral Piece Tourism 13

Immokalee Today E News Facebook Twitter GooglePlus TwitterImmokalee: @IMMtoday ImmokaleeToday channel on YouTube Social Media Pinterest LinkedIN Immokalee 14

Immokalee CRA’s Collateral Piece : 

Federal, State, County and CRA Incentives and Contact information Finance Options and Products Staff CRA Board and Advisory Board Immokalee CRA’s Collateral Piece 15

Tourism : 

Tourism Seminole Casino Pepper Ranch Roberts Ranch Museum Lake Trafford Marina 16

BusinessDevelopment and Retention : 

BusinessDevelopment and Retention Enterprise Zone Incentives Available Land Inventory Commercial Façade Grant Immokalee Business Development Center 17

Enterprise Zone Incentives2008-2012 : 

Enterprise Zone Incentives2008-2012 Procedural and technical assistance to 241 new and existing businesses 77 new jobs were created within the Ezone $65,107.00 in Tax Incentives awarded to Immokalee businesses 18

Commercial Façade Grant Program2008-2012 : 

Commercial Façade Grant Program2008-2012 Awarded grants to 17 businesses $240,000 TIF funds expended to date Two applications in process 19

Immokalee Business Development Center : 

Immokalee Business Development Center Six new businesses 7 business expansions 270 students trained 13 businesses enrolled in the 2 year program 9 Full time jobs created 20

Other IBDC Activities : 

Other IBDC Activities Microenterprise Loan Fund Quarterly Newsletter Computer Lab Section 3 Certifications Partnerships 21

Future of the IBDC : 

Future of the IBDC Land Facility Regional Commercial Kitchen Non-Profit Corporation 22

Infrastructure Programs : 

Infrastructure Programs Stormwater & Natural Resources Roadways and Streets Sidewalk projects Beautification MSTU Crosswalk projects Main Street Improvement Project Housing 23

Stormwater & Natural Resources : 

Stormwater & Natural Resources 24

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Wet Retention Pond 26

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Colorado Avenue 27

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Boston Avenue and South Sixth Street 28

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Secondary Streets 29

Housing : 

Housing The CRA continues to be a part of the Community Task Force: the Health, Sheriff, and Code Enforcement Departments in the effort to continue improving Immokalee. The Immokalee Housing Condition Inventory determined the percentage of properties with overgrown vegetation, rubbish, fences, inoperable vehicles, or dilapidated garages and carports, decreased from 15 % to 2 %. 30

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Comparative Study between 2004 and 2011 revealed: 90% of the homes in Immokalee are now in standard to excellent condition. 86% of the housing units were determined to be in standard condition compared to 57% in the 2004 study, an overall 29% increase in the quality of housing in Immokalee over the past seven years.  Staff requests CRA approval to begin housing rehab activities to maintain current and improve substandard housing stock. 31

Roadway Improvements : 

Roadway Improvements Pedestrian Safety Study and 9 illuminated crossing devices in the Downtown District was been bid for design during 2012. Overlay streets impacted by the stormwater project. 32

Immokalee Lighting and Beautification MSTU : 

Immokalee Lighting and Beautification MSTU 2010 MSTU Expanded it ordinance to include storm water, sidewalks and expanded boundary to include all of Urban Designated Area 2011 MSTU Advisory Committee requested BCC assign management of MSTU to CRA Assign a full time project manager to MSTU 2012 Full time project manager assigned to MSTU Christmas Decorations Downtown Improvement Project designed Carson Road Sidewalk Project awarded for design 33

Intergovernmental Affairs : 

Intergovernmental Affairs Convey Resources to Public and Private entities Coordinate with County Economic Development Department 34

Land Development Regulations : 

Land Development Regulations June 8, 2010, the BCC adopted the Interim LDR to facilitate development until new land development codes are in place. Throughout 2011, the CRA Advisory Committee reviewed the draft Immokalee LDR . Staff is requesting CRA support to continue the development of the Immokalee LDR. 35

Public Space : 

Public Space First Street Plaza 2010 BCC approved the award winning Immokalee Public Realm/Town Design 2012 Land Purchased Design RFP awarded 36

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Immokalee CRA Tax Increment Revenue 37

Slide 38: 

Immokalee CRA Total Revenue 2012 38

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Total Fund 186 Budget to Actual 2012 39

MSTU Revenue : 

MSTU Revenue 40

Immokalee MSTU Operating : 

Immokalee MSTU Operating 41

2013 and Beyond : 

2013 and Beyond Economic Development Via Marketing Via Infrastructure Development Via Business Incubation Via Land Use Initiatives Via Intergovernmental Coordination 42

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