2011 Immokalee CRA Annual Presentation


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Workshop Collier County Community Redevelopment Agency Januar 2012 w/ the Board of Collier County Commissioners


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Collier County Community Redevelopment Agency ANNUAL REPORT 2011 Immokalee

PowerPoint Presentation:

Annually identify the capital improvement priorities of the community Economic development Housing Infrastructure Natural resources Land use and urban design Inter-local and intergovernmental coordination IMMOKALEE CRA GOALS

Economic Development :

Economic Development 1.1 Attract New and Retain Existing Business CRA staff met with 32 separate businesses who wish to open or expand a business in Immokalee during 2011. Rural Area of Critical Economic Concern Re-designation. Hospitality Feasibility Study. Immokalee Business Development Center (IBDC).

Immokalee Business Development Center A learning laboratory for entrepreneurial enterprises in Immokalee:

Immokalee Business Development Center A learning laboratory for entrepreneurial enterprises in Immokalee Trained 153 persons in various sessions during 2011 Yielded 6 new small business in Immokalee Expansions of 4 existing businesses Created 6 new jobs for low to moderate income persons http:// immokalee.biz /

New CRA/IBDC Office Space:

New CRA/IBDC Office Space Professional business appearance Computer lab Computers donated by Sun Coast Schools Federal Credit Union Board room Classrooms

Builders Expo:

Builders Expo The IBDC hosted the first annual Builders Expo in Immokalee Local contractors and builders were introduced to incentives and programs available to help grow their business.

Commercial Façade Grant Program:

Commercial Façade Grant Program Awarded grants to 17 businesses $240,000 TIF funds expended to date Three applications in process AFTER BEFORE

State Enterprise Zone Program:

State Enterprise Zone Program Procedural and technical assistance to 231 new and existing businesses 77 new jobs were created within the Ezone $45,650 in Tax Incentives awarded to businesses

Immokalee State Farmer’s Market:

Immokalee State Farmer’s Market The Florida Department of Agriculture received FEMA funds Construction very nearly complete

  Florida Rural Broadband Alliance :

Florida Rural Broadband Alliance 1-Hardee County 2-Desoto County 3-Highlands County 4-Okeechobee County 5-Glades County 6-Hendry County 7- Immokalee In 2010, FHREDI was awarded a $24 million ARRBA Grant to bring broadband to the South Central RACEC The Florida Rural Broadband Alliance (FRBA) has partnered with Rapid Systems, Inc., to act as system integrators of the regional networks


Immokalee Today E News Facebook Twitter Web Page www.ImmokaleeToday.com TwitterImmokalee: @IMMtoday https://www.facebook.com/ImmokaleeToday ImmokaleeToday channel on YouTube

1.2 Marketing and Branding:

1.2 Marketing and Branding Web Site: www.ImmokaleeToday.com Updated daily - 300,000 views during 2011 47% increase over 2010 E-Newsletter Mailed 3 times per month – over 700 recipients TwitterImmokalee: @IMMtoday 170 direct followers, over 4,000 Tweets Facebook: ImmokaleeToday 300 regular fans 60% increase over 2010

Other Resources/Services Available:

Other Resources/Services Available Immokalee CRA Collateral Brochure for new and existing businesses Florida Export Finance Corporation providing loans to Florida export businesses Produce Stickers Resource Meetings

1.3 Tourism and Ecotourism:

1.3 Tourism and Ecotourism During 2011, the IBDC worked one on one with ecotourism businesses to enhance marketing activities such as creating and improving web sites. The CRA continued to market Immokalee as a tourism site as part of the economic development package. Pepper Ranch, Roberts Ranch, Lake Trafford and the Seminole Casino continue to be the entities of most attraction for Immokalee.

1.4 Develop Cultural Celebrations:

1.4 Develop Cultural Celebrations The Immokalee Lions Club Foundation lead agency for 2011/12. CRA provided technical assistance with governing documents, leadership development, assistance and participation from local businesses. Two Events Planned for 2012: Cinco de Mayo – May 5, 2012 Celebration of Cultures – November 19, 2012


Housing 2.1 Improve Immokalee Campaign The CRA continues to be a part of the Community Task Force: the Health, Sheriff, and Code Enforcement Departments in the effort to continue improving Immokalee. The Immokalee Housing Condition Inventory determined the percentage of properties with overgrown vegetation, rubbish, fences, inoperable vehicles, or dilapidated garages and carports, decreased from 15 % to 2 %.

PowerPoint Presentation:

2.2 Diversify Housing Stock Immokalee Housing Condition Inventory – 2011 Comparative Study between 2004 and 2011 Grant from the CRA and the Community Foundation to the Housing Collaborative. The study revealed: 90% of the homes in Immokalee are now in standard to excellent condition. 86% of the housing units were determined to be in standard condition compared to 57% in the 2004 study, an overall 29% increase in the quality of housing in Immokalee over the past seven years.

PowerPoint Presentation:

Esperanza Place CRA partnership with Empowerment Alliance of Southwest Florida and Florida Non-Profit Services 2011 - Infrastructure is in place – 196 rental units CRA expenditure 2009 – 2011 = $600,000

Infrastructure Improvements:

Infrastructure Improvements 3.1 Major Roadway Projects CDBG Grant for Pedestrian Safety Study and 9 illuminated crossing devices in the Downtown District $140,000 Public Workshops with FDOT on Loop Road 3.2 Stormwater and Drainage Stormwater Master Plan was commissioned by South Florida Water Management District (FSWMS) Big Cypress Basin and approved by the BCC

PowerPoint Presentation:

Phase I Implementation The Immokalee CRA was awarded $3.5 million in DRI funds from the Housing , Human and Veteran Services Department for Phase I of the project. The land (11.25 acres) has been purchased. Contract award anticipated Jan. 24, 2012 Reduce Flooding Health and Safety Litter Impediments Address Water Quality

PowerPoint Presentation:

Stormwater Phase 1 Site Plan CRA requested an additional $2.5 million in the Round II of the DRI funds to shore up Phase 1 and begin Phase II of the ISWMP .

Immokalee Lighting and Beautification MSTU:

Immokalee Lighting and Beautification MSTU 2010 MSTU Expanded it ordinance to include storm water, sidewalks and expanded boundary to include all of Urban Designated Area 2011 MSTU Advisory Committee requested BCC assign management of MSTU to CRA Assign a full time project manager to MSTU

Natural Resources:

Natural Resources 4.1 Protection of Significant Natural Resources The CRA partnered with the County Environmental Department and the property owners to place a Wetlands Overlay into the proposed Future Land Use Map to ensure those areas will be protected.

Land Use/Urban Form and Design:

Land Use/Urban Form and Design 5.1 Immokalee Area Master Plan (IAMP) 12/2008 - IAMP was submitted to the Collier County CDES for review as a Comprehensive Plan Amendment. 06/2010 - IAMP was approved by the BCC and conveyed to DCA. 09/2010 - ORC Report received from DCA. 05/2011 – IAMP present to BCC for final vote. 12/2011 – IAMP failed to gain BCC approval.

PowerPoint Presentation:

5.2 Transportation Plan The Transportation Plan will be on hold until the proposed IAMP has been approved and a transportation exception area study will begin. 5.3 Capital Projects List The Capital Projects List grew out of Goal 1 of the IAMP and the CRA Operational Plan. It provides a clear request to the BCC of capital projects for which the community is seeking funding. It also provides a valuable tool during grant application processes.

Design Standards:

Design Standards 6.1 Land Development Regulations June 8, 2010, the BCC adopted the Interim LDR to facilitate development until new land development codes are in place. Throughout 2011, the CRA Advisory Committee reviewed the draft Immokalee LDR and will hold a final workshop 01/18/2012 CCPC and BCC review is expected to be completed by June of 2012.

6.2 Public Realm/Town Design:

6.2 Public Realm/Town Design 03/10/2010 – The BCC approved the award winning Immokalee Public Realm/Town Design. During 2011 CRA was awarded CDBG funds to purchase the land and begin construction of the planned entry way into Immokalee at 1 st and Main Streets.

Interlocal and Intergovernmental Coordination:

Interlocal and Intergovernmental Coordination 7.1 Improve Range of Human Services Building Permits are accepted in Immokalee every Tuesday. 7.2 Coordination with County and Regulatory Agencies The Airport Authority, the County Manager’s Office (and Departments under his supervision), the Clerk of Courts (Finance Department) MSTU, Celebration of Cultures, nonprofit organizations, private citizens and civic organizations, Florida Department of Agriculture, FHREDI, the Governor’s Office on Trade and Tourism (OTTED), now Department of Economic Opportunity, and local businesses.

PowerPoint Presentation:

Immokalee CRA Tax Increment Revenue

PowerPoint Presentation:

Transfer/001 383,400 Tax Increment Revenue 457,301 Carry Forward 1,280,000 Grant Funds 3,745,124 Total $5,865,825 Immokalee CRA Total Revenue 2011

PowerPoint Presentation:

CRA Fund 186 2011 Total Revenue Trans/001 General Fund 383,400 Tax Increment Revenue 457,301 Carry Forward 1,280,000 Total $2,120,701

PowerPoint Presentation:

Total Fund 186 Budget to Actual 2011 Budget Actual Personnel 350,000 348,429 Operating Expenses 591,687 505,812 Capital Outlay 112,013 7,350 Grant and Aid 356,342 330,860 $1,410,042 $1,192,451

PowerPoint Presentation:

Total $1,118,788 Fund 186 Expenses Cost Center 18324 - CRA

PowerPoint Presentation:

Total Fund 186 Expenses (Including IBDC) Total $1,195,568

PowerPoint Presentation:

Immokalee CRA Fund 715 Total Grant Revenue

PowerPoint Presentation:

Grant Expenses Fund 715 Cost Center 33130.1 Stormwater Project Grant Expenses Fund 715 Cost Center 33158.1 Immokalee Business Development Center

PowerPoint Presentation:

Fund 186 Expenses Cost Center 138321 Immokalee Business Development Center

PowerPoint Presentation:

Summary The IAMP and the LDCs are working their way through the review process. Implementation of the Public Realm/Town Design Plan has begun . CRA assisted many new businesses with incentives and technical assistance. Aggressive marketing plan proven to be successful. Immokalee Business Development Center tremendous success. Commercial Façade Program grants were awarded to 2 businesses. Infrastructure projects completed Esperanza Place, Aviation Viewing Area and Broadband; and Stormwater Phase 1 implemented. Grant for cross walks received. Housing Condition Inventory completed. The CRA/MSTU joined. Acquisition and construction for 1 st Street Plaza grant received. The State Enterprise Zone awarded tax incentives of $42,650. Operational Plan for 2012 is ready for implementation.

2012 and Beyond:

2012 and Beyond Top Priority based on IAMP and Operational Plan Economic Development Via Marketing Via Infrastructure Development Via Business Incubation Via Land Use Initiatives Via Intergovernmental Coordination

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