Boundless Benefits of Canada’s Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

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Boundless Benefts of Canada’s Provincial Nominee Program PNP An immigrant can be eligible to get a Canadian visa under Provincial Nominal ProgramPNP with right experience skills and of course education. Many candidates already settled in Canada are actively contributing towards the economy of that specifc province. This program is a convenient way to get entered into the desired Canadian province. In fact the people who want to stay and work in a specifc territory can get a better opportunity under this program. Canada ensures speed visa processing and this program is the fastest way for the people who want to get Canadian PR. In the past every Canadian province had its own selection mode but after the introduction of Express Entry System diferent Canadian territories have introduced the Express Entry System. The PNP program application is accepted through Express Entry System. On shortlisting the applicant has to fulfll all the basic requirements for any of the programs. If in case you are nominated under non-Express Entry system then you need to follow separate processing conduct of the province. If a territory or province nominates you in that case it demands you to send the application to CIC Citizenship and Immigration.

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Earlier getting a refusal on visa application was quite normal but now one can expect to get the visa immediately because of Express Entry System and the expert guidance of Immigration Consultants in Pune. Those days are gone when applicants had to wait for a long time to get the approval and they had to re-apply for the visa in case of receiving a refusal. This procedure has become very easy because CIC has made the entire immigration process extremely easy as now aspirants are selected on the basis of education skills and experience. An applicant has to go through a paper-based process if he is applying through Non-Express Entry system and getting a visa is totally dependent on his skills experience and education. On getting nominated by a province the applicant has to send his application to the CIC for further processing. Apart from these requirements candidates are required to show their language competency and assure the government to permanently live and work in the particular province of the country. When an applicant is applying using Express Entry System he has to create an online profle by responding to some basic questions related to his skills experience age and education. On becoming eligible for PNP your profle will be assessed on the basis of CRS Comprehensive Ranking System and on getting the highest point you will be issued an Invitation to Apply. 60 days time will be given to you to claim PR. T o get highest points in CRS submitting the express entry profle under the guidance of immigration consultants in Pune is highly recommended. Benefts of PNP are mentioned below: The applicant gets a PR instantly on becoming eligible. The applicant can bring their eligible family members to enjoy the similar status.

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Easy access to afordable education and healthcare facilities. Applicants can travel freely in other countries but are restricted from settling permanently in some other territory. For More About Our Products: Click here for visit our website:

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