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Obtaining a Canadian Visa depends on your circumstances. But still, you should have to consult to the expert, Russ Weninger | Calgary Immigration lawyer.


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Obtaining a Canadian Visa for Your Significant Other Russ Weninger Calgary Immigration Lawyer

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That depends on your circumstances. You will likely have to send a letter of invitation to your boyfriend/girlfriend to indicate that you will support this person during his or her stay in Canada. I wish to apply for a visitor visa for my boyfriend/girlfriend. Is this difcult to obtain

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In the letter you should demonstrate that you have the financial wherewithal to support this person and you should enclose supporting documents to back up your position. Samples

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Your boyfriend/girlfriend on the other hand will have to show that he or she has ties to his or her home country and that he or she is likely to return to his or her country before the expiration of the Canadian visa. Samples

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Your boyfriend/girlfriend will likely have to show that he or she has some degree of financial stability and gainful employment in his or her home country. Samples

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It is also helpful to show that he or she has a history of travelling internationally. Sometimes applications are refused because the applicant has a passport without any stamps. Samples

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Financial stability can be shown through bank statements and documents proving ownership of property. Samples

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A letter from an employer can help to demonstrate that the person has gainful employment and is simply taking a vacation. Sample

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Contact Us for more Calgary Immigration Queries: Russ Weninger 403-265-4496 Suite 300 404 – 6th Avenue SW Calgary Alberta T2P 0R9 russrussweninger.com

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