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Giving Credit Wher e Credit is Due

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As a Canadian immigration lawyer I can be frequently heard swearing under my breath or sometimes at much louder volumes about Canadian immigration policy.

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In a country with an aging population and a low birth rate you’d think that the government would be interested in helping families to live together in Canada and raise children.

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If you are sponsoring a spouse and the two of you live in Canada you can expect it to take more than 2 years before the sponsored spouse obtains permanent residence.

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What if one spouse happens to   fall out of status

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That spouse may not be able to access health care or may have to pay tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars to access health care.

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A child born in a province like Alberta is not automatically entitled to health care in this province Worse

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Women children and Canadian families are still being screwed over by government policies.

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Citizenship and Immigration Canada Their plight is now signifcantly less bleak.

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