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Know the specific details of applying for Canada Immigration Assessment procedures. Whether you're applying for permanent resident card or Canada work permit, always contact Russ Weninger - your Calgary Immigration Lawyer. Visit today.


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Canada Immigration Assessment for Skilled Workers

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 Are you a skilled worker Then you might be eligible for a permanent residence in Canada.  List of the things you need to know: ◦ Requirements for Skilled Worker Eligibility ◦ Skilled Worker Evaluation ◦ Why Skilled Worker Immigration get denied Canadian Immigration

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 Must have the following requirements: ◦ High level working experience ◦ Language ability English or French ◦ Educational Background ◦ Age ◦ Prearranged Employment ◦ Adaptability Requirements

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 Common Reasons for Denial of Application ◦  Improper completion of forms ◦ Inadequate provision of requested documents ◦ Other factors are:  Health condition  Criminal Background  Eligibility Requirements Denial of Application

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 For applicants they need to: ◦ Show a prearranged employment ofer from a Canadian employer  Permanent full time job ofer not seasonal ◦ Have paperwork from their potential employers declaring that they will be given jobs in Canada. Prearranged Employment

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 Are planning to apply as a skilled worker immigrant  Are you qualifed for Canadian Skilled Worker Immigration  Looking for an experienced lawyer to help you prepare everything you need Skilled Workers

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