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Family Sponsorship has been a great issue in Canada. Let this post enlighten you with your rights.


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As a Canadian immigration lawyer I can be frequently heard swearing under my breath or sometimes at much louder volumes about Canadian immigration policy.

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Unfortunately spousal sponsorship processing times have ballooned in recent years. If you are sponsoring a spouse and the two of you live in Canada you can expect it to take more than 2 years before the sponsored spouse obtains permanent residence.

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I’ve encountered many couples who have had children during the sponsorship processing period. If one spouse happens to fall out of status that spouse may not be able to access health care or may have to pay tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars to access health care.

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To make matters worse a child born in a province like Alberta is not automatically entitled to health care in this province. Entitlement to health care is often tied to the legal status of the mother even if the baby is born in Canada and therefore a Canadian citizen born in Canada may not be able to see a doctor to get things like basic immunizations.

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To summarize women children and Canadian families are still being screwed over by government policies but their plight is now signifcantly less bleak. Kudos Harper government. Kudos.

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