Printing Industries Causes Air Pollution – Know How

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TiPE offers environment friendly air purification solutions through nano PCO technology that easily purifies air pollution caused by more than 85% harmful gases with zero harmful residuals. Besides air purification, our cutting edge nano PCO technology ensures long term results in controlling bad odor, eliminating harmful airborne bacteria and viruses as well. Visit website:


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Printing Industries Causes Air Pollution – Know How The printing industry is quite hazardous for workers and the environment. Workers those who deal with chemicals and solvents on a regular basis are constantly exposed to the disease causing substances. Inks and dyes that are used in the printing process contain a potentially toxic substance ranging from heavy metals used in coloring petroleum based solvents to disperse solvents and speed up drying. Moreover all dyes and petroleum based substance releases volatile organic compounds in the air which worker and employees find irritating and risky. So there is a need for VOC air purification system to cleanse the air from hazardous gases and substance. Potential Hazards in the Printing Industry If you are running a print shop then it is advisable to know potential hazardous areas. Your lithography unit flexography instrument screen printing gravure and letterpress printing processes need a cleaning procedure. Evaluate the type of pollutant released from the machinery and add air purification according to that. But first understand the type of pollution created by the printing industry.

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Chemical and Waste Most common types of printing byproducts are a liquid waste. Water used in cleaning solvents chemicals and inks are released freely in wastewater which is really hazardous and death causing. The water soluble pollutants such as benzene methanol richloroethylene or methylene chloride and an insoluble substrate including silver and corrosive substance enter directly into the food chain. This affects the life of human being and sea animals. You need to add a water treatment solution to clean the water before disposal. Combustible Dust In offset printing a major portion of printing waste comes from paper cutting and spray powder. However paper cuttings can cause fire and explosion in the company if they are not handled properly. While keeping them in an organized manner and disposing of them on-time can safeguard from potential risks. Feel free to ask for VOC air treatment in the office to avoid dangers of fire and explosion. Adhesives and coatings All dyes inks and adhesives used in the printing industry release VOC in the air. VOC or volatile organic compounds are merely hazardous for employees and in some cases it causes even death. Acute exposure to VOC can cause dizziness headaches nausea fatigue loss of coordination and respiratory disorder. However constant exposure can cause behavioral changes permanent memory loss and possible brain damage. So apply VOC air purification coatings on walls and machinery to get complete freedom. Enjoy a safe and eco-friendly work environment in your office.

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Bottom Line Every business and industry should optimize productivity without compromising the health of the employees. This is our responsibility to give them a safe and clean environment not only for the benefit of mankind but understanding the legal stature confirmed by the federal government for safety and security of workers in work place. If you are interested to find advanced cleaning and air purification processes feel free to contact us. TiPE provides complete nanotechnology based solution for every customer. Address:- TitanPE Technologies North Wing 2F BD 11 No. 415 Gulang Road Shanghai 200331China

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