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This presentation was given in an international seminar on "Special Education". It critically examines the present education system & concludes that the ancient system based on the 'uniqueness' of each individual, which is, in fact, the "Differential Instructions" in a generalized sense, is the "right" education.


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Issues in Special Education . . . . . . UNIQUENESS . . . An inside look by an outsider : 

Issues in Special Education . . . . . . UNIQUENESS . . . An inside look by an outsider - Cdr. KK Varma IN (Retd)

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“ Every child is unique .... “ ..... ..... ?? - Sales Gimmick? - Intellectual indulgence? - Too important to ignore! “Every child is unique, but as he grows he looses his unique individuality & develops a “personality”, with many personae” ... ... ... KK Varma

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Each one of the infinite creations in the world, is born with a potential that is “unique” to it; i.e. -it can never be compared with the potential of any one else. One remains “unique” at all times, till one’s death. Uniqueness is the Quality of an Individual, It is NOT a collective phenomena. Emphasis has to be on Child, Not on Society. Uniqueness

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Corrupt Education gives corrupt Society; Corrupt Society gives corrupt Education. Vicious Circle

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“VIDYA DADAATI VINAYAM” - Ramayana. Present Competition Based Uniqueness Based Leads to Jealousy Leads to Understanding Violence Acceptance of Self Humility Destruction Peace & Prosperity Education

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- As Education has increased, World Peace has diminished - Regions with less Education are still more peaceful Some-thing has to be fundamentally wrong with Education

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Education Converting “potential Energy” into “Kinetic Energy” Energy Work Constructive Destructive

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The Child By the time a child is 4 years old, he has already saturated 50% of his Learning Faculty The child is always learning; - while in sleep; - even in the womb He is innocent, un-corrupted & tender; - can be moulded in any shape The moulding is done, partly by his inherited “tendencies”; - but, by-en-large, by the Environment.

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The Environment Most of the time, formal teaching begins after the child is 4 years old. So, he is learning with ‘half’ of his learning capability, that too, under the ‘adverse’ influence of the other half. Emphasis is on ‘memory’, which is mechanical & clings to the past; instead-of “intelligence”, which is organic, future-oriented, true expression of uniqueness.

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The Environment “Competition” is encouraged, which is anti- uniqueness, & leads to the wrong path. There is “mass-education”, with fixed syllabus, central examinations, etc. – like a Factory, in which only ‘random sampling’ is possible. Wrong emphasis on the Quality ! – Best teachers are required right at the ‘foundation level’, where the ‘generation-encounter’ first takes place.

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Teachers’ Dilemma in present system He has to depend on Society for sustenance, His loyalty, therefore, is naturally to the Society. He is also a ‘parent’ & victim of “generation gap”

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- I Know - I know More Generation Gap

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“Special Education” “Special Education” in its present ‘restricted’ sense, refers to the education imparted to the “special” children, as special care is required - lest they develop “inferiority complex”, which leads to “competition”. Label “special” is ugly, like “harijan” ! Education needs to be liberated from such labels. "Education liberates” .. .. .. Yoga Vashishtha.

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Two "legs” of Special Education Courage (‘abhaya’) Awareness ( ‘viveka’)

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“Courage” Courage to face the “Un-known”, with-out Fear. “Known” ties-up with the past; every-thing worth living for, (God, Love, Beauty, Truth), lies in the domain of the “Un-known” “Freedom from fear is the first freedom” ... ... ... J. Krishnamurty

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“Awareness” Truth can only be experienced by one's own self. Sensitivity towards spontaneity of life. Understanding the “right” from “wrong” Right balance of the “heart” & the “mind”.

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The "Complimentary Circle" Courage alone is ‘blind’ Awareness alone is ‘lame’

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Teaching based on Uniqueness Instead-of trying to become like some one else, the child should be made to understand what he is, - & how he can grow to the full potential of what he is. It is not important “what I have’; what is important is, “how I make use of what I have”. Not “what I do”; but “how I do” whatever I do.

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Teaching based on Uniqueness Instead-of “doing better than others”; let me “better my-self”, from what I did yesterday, to what I do to-day. This is the “rat race” in a different dimension al-together! – the ‘right’ direction... ... from ‘wrong’ to ‘righteousness’ .. ... from ‘darkness’ to ‘light’ ... ... from ‘mortality’ to ‘immortality’ ..

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Teachers’ role in Special Education “The role of a teacher is that of a ‘mid-wife’ In deliverance of the true self in man” ... ... ... Socrates Teaching is not only a profession, it is a creative activity, a noble service, a sacrifice – a great responsibility. The teacher must realize his own uniqueness – he can inculcate only those qualities in his students, that he himself has.

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Education is a Two-way Process Education (Lat.) Ex. + Ducere To draw out !! In the Process of Learning, Both, the Teacher & the Taught, Bring Out Each Other’s Potential

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Problems in Special Education We should go-ahead if it gives us pleasure. Others will follow. Only in sorrow does no one come to share. Shall we wait for others to start treading on the new path, first? 3. Learning how to live, is more important. Earning a living is very important. 2. Wrong means can never lead to right results. How can I survive without stealing, telling lies, etc. when every one around, goes on doing it? 1. Direction Problem

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Summary All Education based on Uniqueness, i.e. “learning the life”, of which, “earning the living”, is only a part; is Special Education. Special Education is not new; it is the “Differential Instruction”, (DI), in the ‘generalized’ sense. DI must be made available to ALL children. It has to start early; right from the 'womb'.

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Thank You ... .. & Best of Luck! .... .... K K Varma

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