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Presentation Description Your kitchen is incomplete if it lacks the best kitchen chimney. A kitchen chimney can make a huge difference in keeping the kitchen free of germs and harmful gases. It is important to be clear of your requirements before selecting the best kitchen chimney in India. Elica, Hindware, Faber, Sunflame, Prestige and Pigeon are some of the top brands for Chimney.


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K2 appliance is one of the top affiliated website that serve their customers’ with diverse information about home and kitchen appliances. We are provides buying guide and customer reviews on Top 10 best kitchen chimney.

Six factors to consider before buying best selling kitchen chimney:

Six factors to consider before buying best selling kitchen chimney

1.Type of Filters:

1.Type of Filters Cassette Filter - These are the simplest type of filter. An aluminium mesh catches the grimes and it needs to be detached and cleaned with a scrubber after a while. Baffle Filter - A better version of cassette filters, the grease and oil does not affect the suction power of the chimney and the maintenance is also low. Carbon Filter - The filter takes care of the bad odors and is used in combination to the above stated filters for better efficiency.

2. Conventional vs. Contemporary Chimney :

2 . Conventional vs. Contemporary Chimney Conventional chimneys are made of steel and are more reliable since they performance-built. They are also inexpensive. Contemporary chimneys have a classy look to them and look better in modular kitchens. They are expensive and delicate.

3. The right size :

3. The right size Figuring out the right size for the chimney is paramount. The size should be dependent on your kitchen size, irrespective of the size of the stove.

4. A powerful suction :

4. A powerful suction The more the power to the suction capacity the more effective any chimney is. 500 cubic meters is the ideal suction power for a regular sized Indian kitchen.

5. Maintenance for longevity :

5. Maintenance for longevity How easy is the chimney to clean, and whether it comes with detachable filters or not determines not just the ease of work you’ll have to put into on a daily basis but also the longevity of the product.

6. The Ducting type :

6. The Ducting type Now-a-days the chimneys come in two variants; the on that requires ducting and the ductless one. Houses with space conscious kitchen can opt for the ductless one though it’s a bit pricey.


Conclusion Know more about the kitchen chimneys in detail by referring to our buying guide on top 10 best kitchen chimney in India and make the right decision for you! Think appliances, think K2!

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