Hardwood Flooring vs Laminate Flooring


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It is a one-time investment to install the hardwood and if you maintain them properly, then you just need to refinish them to maintain the look. Hardwood floor refinishing, proper care and maintenance is the key to keep your hardwood floor in good condition. Visit - https://workmanflooring.com/what-you-need-to-know-about-hardwood-floor-refinishing/


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Hardwood Flooring vs Laminate Flooring What To Choose and Why

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Choosing flooring can be an overwhelming task if you are not an expert in the field. There is a gamut of options to select from. Most West Hartford Connecticut interior designers choose hardwood over laminate flooring for varying reasons. Hardwood and laminate flooring have their own pros and cons. Factors like the type of material durability price moisture resistance etc. can influence your buying decision.

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To enhance the look and feel of your property you do not have to spend a fortune when it comes to laminate flooring. Laminate floor is not very expensive and it comes in different textures style grades and widths to satisfy the need of the buyers. Although laminate does have its own great qualities nothing beats the value look and feel of the hardwood flooring. If you have the budget and the location is favorable to the hardwood material qualities then it is definitely a great choice.

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Look of Real Wood is Supreme Hardwood flooring is a wonderful choice as you can expect quality. Versus laminate flooring which is usually made from fiberboard. The layer which seems like wood is actually a thin sheet of paper which is printed with the photo of wood and coated with UV. Then two or more layers are added underneath where the bottom-most layers give moisture resistance. The other core layer gives stability to the floorboard.

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Wood vs Laminate Floor Looks Hardwood flooring is unique and compliments your furnishings. Though laminate floors do a good job of imitating the look of the wood hardwood floors look exhilarating when compared to laminate. If you have dark furnishings in your house then a light colored wood may brighten up your space and be a wonderful contrast in the design scheme.

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Why Wood Flooring Is Unique The natural grain patterns of hardwood look unique. Only real wood offers true characteristics beauty and texture. This beauty comes with a higher price than laminate

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Durability When it comes to deciding hardwood flooring vs laminate flooring a lot of people do choose laminate flooring. Thinking that it will stand up to the scratches and traffic from pets and kids. Keeping in mind you will have to replace the laminate floor within 10 to 15 years. Replacing the floor can be an expensive task. Moreover if a piece of laminate flooring gets damaged it cannot be repaired. If the top layer is gouged or worn out then the paper layer is exposed and it may encounter more damage. It is difficult to replace or refinish these floorboards like hardwood.

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Hardwood Floor Refnishing Alternatively if the hardwood floor is damaged with scratches or minor dents then it can be sanded down very easily and refinished. If the area is small like an entrance or some small space in a room then you just have to sand and refinish that area and not the entire area. There is no need to rip up the floorboards and mend the damage. Most clean hardwood floors can last a lifetime and some hardwoods improve with age. It is a one-time investment to install the hardwood and if you maintain them properly then you just need to refinish them to maintain the look. Hardwood floor refinishing proper care and maintenance is the key to keep your hardwood floor in good condition.

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Hardwood Floors - A Green Choice People say that hardwood floors come from harvested trees and therefore they are not a green choice. People do not realize that strict laws are levied now and these laws ensure forests are not stripped. The laws promote the sustainability of wood sources. The woods exported to different parts of the country must meet the standards else it is illegal to accept the shipment. Green flooring means that during the production of floors least amount of energy and resources should be used.

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Eco-Friendly Hardwood Floors Hardwoods store the carbon inherently and keep it out of the atmosphere therefore undesirable greenhouse effects are eliminated. It reduces overall carbon emission. On the other hand laminate flooring is manufactured from fiberboard and paper which are enhanced with melamine that is made of chemical compounds and resins. Fiberboard does come from recycled materials but the end product cannot be recycled because of the added resins and it finally ends up in a landfill.

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Final Thoughts Hardwood floors add an aesthetic appeal to the house. If they are maintained properly they will last a lifetime. For this you can also get in touch with a Local hardwood floor cleaner in your area and maintain the beauty of your floor. Once refinished you can renew their beauty and there will be no need to replace them. Ultimately hardwood floor requires more investment. You can be confident with the longevity of wood for years to come.

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