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VIRUS A computer virus is a program or piece of code that is loaded onto your computer without your knowledge and runs against your wishes. The first Detected virus was CREEPER VIRUS on ARPANET in 1971. it was made by Bob Thomas.

Types of viruses:

Types of viruses We Can differentiate viruses in two categories :- 1. System virus:- System virus is a virus which affect the system files. It replicates itself and get attached with every file on the computer . Example Trojan horse, Nutty mouse 2. Network Virus :- Network virus is a virus which affect whole computer network. It travels all the computer connected to the network. Example Worms, bugs etc

Harmful Effects of Viruses:

Harmful Effects of Viruses It can slow down your computer. It might corrupt your system files. It might damage your boot sector creating problems when you boot into the windows. it might steal important information from your computer and send to some other person It might change the power ratings of your computer and could blast the system

Viruses can be transmitted by ::

Viruses can be transmitted by : Booting a PC from an infected medium. Executing an infected program. Opening an infected file. Common routes for virus infiltration include: Floppy disks or other media that users can exchange Email attachments. Pirated software. Shareware.

How to stop Virus:

How to stop Virus The only way to stop virus is An Antivirus program which stop viruses to enter in your system


Antivirus Antivirus software is a class of program that searches your hard drive and floppy disks for any known or potential viruses

How An Antivirus Program works:

How An Antivirus Program works Anti virus programs are designed to protect computer systems from viruses. These programs provide two levels of functionality when protecting against viruses: Real time protection Scanning of files stored on computer drives or disks.

Anti-virus programs can detect viruses two ways: :

Anti-virus programs can detect viruses two ways: Anti-virus programs can detect viruses two ways: 1. Footprint of virus program :- It compares the virus footprint against a library of known footprints which match viruses. A footprint is a pattern in the data included in a file. Using this method, viruses must be identified as viruses, then added to the library of footprints 2. Characteristics of program :- It looks at the type of system function calls included in the executable code and if it looks too suspicious, it may flag the program as a possible virus and ask for user intervention.

How to prevent from Viruses:-:

How to prevent from Viruses:- Install a quality antivirus.. Scan the external storage devices before accessing them Disable the auto run feature Keep your antivirus program up to date. Do not click email links or attachments without scanning them Perform daily scan.

Antivirus programs available in market:

Antivirus programs available in market There are so many antivirus software in market. An antivirus software scans the system for threats and faults which could harmful to the system.


AVG Features of AVG Antivirus Small in size, easy to install and update Protection against viruses, spyware, adware, worms and Trojans Real-time security Easy on computers uses less resources Free support and service


Avast Features:- Antivirus and anti-spyware engine. Real-time anti-rootkit protection. Boot-time scanner. Multi-threaded scanning optimization Mail Shield File System Shield Wake-up/Scheduled scanning


Kaspersky Features:- Check new and changed files option Anti-Rootkit technology (Anti-Rootkit) Registry Monitor with preinstalled and updatable database Advanced damage clean-up (against Spyware)

Panda cloud antivirus:

Panda cloud antivirus Features:- Panda Security says it detects viruses, Trojans, worms, spyware, hacking tools 2. Much lighter than traditional antivirus apps 3. Easy to install and use 4. No need to worry about updates


Features:- 1. On-access file scanner 2. Inbound and outbound firewall protection 3. Spyware protection 4. Daily definition updates 5. McAfee X-Ray rootkit detection 6 McAfee System Guards – monitors a computer for activity that may be caused by virus infection or hacker activity discontinued


Avira Features:- 1. Time scheduling in the Parental Control 2. Generic malware removal and the new AntiVir Guard 3. Optional email footer 4. Excellent scanning technology and frequent updates 5. Effective protection

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