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Culture is… :

Culture is… Earlier definitions of culture emphasized behavior: culture is the way of life of a group of people, their learned behavior patterns, attitudes and material artifacts culture is the systematic body of learned behavior which is transmitted from parents to children. (Margaret Mead, 1958) culture is a form of communication (Edward Hall, 1959)

More Recent Definitions of Culture…:

More Recent Definitions of Culture… Culture is a way of perceiving, believing, evaluating and behaving (W. Goodenough, 1976) Culture is a set of rules for constructing the world, interpreting it. (Selby & Garretson, 1981) Human beings see their world through culture-colored glasses.

Features of Culture:

Features of Culture Culture is created by human beings to meet the basic needs of survival and to create meaning out of chaos. The ultimate purpose of culture is for survival of the group. Culture is dynamic and constantly changing. Children are encultured into a culture.

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Ethnocentrism is the belief that one’s own cultural values, beliefs and behaviors are right, normal and natural .

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Cultural Relativity means that there are no absolute right or wrong responses – only right or wrong within the given cultural group. One group is not better or worse than another – only different. This also refers to a different appropriate behavior in different cultural settings.

Culture exists on different levels :

Culture exists on different levels Overt or explicit culture can be seen, described and taught.

Another level of culture:

Another level of culture Covert or implicit culture is invisible, generally unconscious, unspoken, taken for granted and difficult to understand.

Another level of Culture:

Another level of Culture · Technical culture is explainable.

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· Formal culture includes manners, values, politeness, those shoulds and shouldn’ts that we learned as children when an adult told us “We don’t act like that in our family.”

A final level of culture:

A final level of culture Informal culture includes subtle expectations, the unspoken rules, the taboo subjects, the meaning behind the words.


More… Microculture: age, sex/gender, religion, language, physical/mental able-ness, region, socio-economic status, ethnic group Macroculture

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A Group is a collective of persons who share an identity, a feeling of unity.

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An Ethnic Group shares a common history, identity, values, behavioral characteristics, and a communication system.

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Race is a population group or subspecies within the living human species, set apart from others on a basis of arbitrarily selected commonly visible or phenotypic criteria such as skin color, hair quantity and form, the shape and form of the body, head, and facial features. (Academic American Encyclopedia)

So, how do you see yourself as a cultural being?:

So, how do you see yourself as a cultural being?

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