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Teach One Assignment on Process Improvements


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Process Improvement through Information Systems Specifying System Requirements :

Process Improvement through Information Systems Specifying System Requirements Iman Gulati George Mason University Fairfax, VA

Why Electronic Health Record Systems?:

Why Electronic Health Record Systems? Improve Quality Care Reduce medical errors Increase clinical accuracy Increase patient knowledge EHRs are Information Systems

Information Systems in Healthcare:

Information Systems in Healthcare Not a miracle cure for problems An Informartion System is successful when: It moves focus to a work process Plans changes for future improvement It reflects the information that is needed

Creating an Information System:

Creating an Information System Data/Databases Foundation of all Information Systems Business Process  System Requirements

Data and Databases:

Data and Databases All information systems consists of: Data and Databases Tables, Fields/Attributes, Data Interfaces Automatic Processes


Databases Tables consists of: Fields/Attributes Records Creation of Relationships Relational Data

Establishing Database:

Establishing Database Purposeful Design Who/what will interact with the database Who will makes decisions Who will create relationships between data Different actors create different purposes

What Exists?:

What Exists? Understand what information is already there Becoming an expert on already existing information helps future development so the same mistakes are not made Imagine a Chipotle Line

Future Decisions:

Future Decisions Leaders have biggest influence on future decisions Analysts have to understand how the future will change and decisions will change with it Focus on most important fields not all possivle fields Can analysts rely on leaders for database design?


Scenarios How an Actor’s involvement in a decisions leads to process changes Describes information flow from database to actor A way to test how a database will be used Create different scenarios to determine how

Example of Scenario:

Example of Scenario Scenario short name : Admission Decision affected by this scenario : Admission to FAST program Actors : Jane, Connie, and Sheila Description:   Sheila enters the demographic and arrest ˜ records, Connie and Jane review the patient and enter presumed diagnosis and their recommendation for admission to FAST program.  ˜ Through out the process the database maintains the information and ˜ assists in the communication between people involved. Scenario Provided by: Dr. Farrokh Alemi

Scenarios continued:

Scenarios continued Understand and examine a scenario What needs to be changed? What needs to stay? UNDERSTAND THE PROCESS

Reviewing Scenarios:

Reviewing Scenarios A use case is the way a scenario can be reviewed for its What do actors see when running through a scenario? How does the database interact with a scenario ? Four main categories of actors

Documenting a Case:

Documenting a Case Following is the list of objects needed in a Case document Overview Primary Actor Secondary Actor Starting Point Ending Point Information Exchanges Measurable Results

Example of Case and Case Document:

Example of Case and Case Document


Conclusions Addressing interactions between database systems and users creates a Case Use Case Use documents allow insight on information requirements that would allow a workflow or process improvements

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