The Yogurt Shop Murders and 9/11


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The real story of Yogurt Shop Murders, from contact with the expiditers. Insurance claim money laundering and its relationship with 8/11 and international banking.


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The Yogurt Shop Murders and 9/11, The Shape of Things to Come:

The Yogurt Shop Murders and 9/11, The Shape of Things to Come

Introduction by Russ Hallberg Jr:

Introduction by Russ Hallberg Jr This presentation is a study of the Yogurt Shop Murders and its influence on my own life. We are all victims of the ultimate perpetrators of the Yogurt Shop Murders. This publication carries considerable risk to me. Please redistribute widely, with credit for my authorship. Copyright 2011. Frames 3 to 10 summarize the presentation.

Summary, The Yogurt Shop Murders:

Summary, The Yogurt Shop Murders 4 young teenage girls were raped and murdered at a N Austin, TX “I Can't Believe It's Yogurt” on Dec 6, 1991. 2 innocent men have been released after serving 10 years for the Yogurt Shop Murders. One Yogurt Shop victim, Amy Ayers, was still alive when emergency personnel arrived at the scene. She was killed with a .38 caliber bullet, standard government issue in 1991.

Summary: Snuff Films:

Summary: Snuff Films Snuff films are films of actual murders and suicides, often involving sex. A snuff film network, including satanists involved in ritual murder, exists. The killers were at the scene of the Yogurt Shop Murders for 47 minutes. With the free publicity of national news coverage, the Yogurt Shop Murders would be a highly profitable snuff film.

Summary; Insurance Claim Money Laundering:

Summary; Insurance Claim Money Laundering A $10 million insurance policy covered the Yogurt Shop when similar operations carried $1 million policies. Insurance claim contingency reserve accounts are used to launder money. 8 times the value of the accounts can be laundered. The Yogurt Shop Murders network continues insurance claim money laundering today. The claims used to launder money include staged fatal automobile accidents and psychiatric insurance coverage. The Central Banking System needs money laundering to return the profits of crime to circulation. The Central Banking System originates with the Bank of Rome, managed by the Jesuits.

Summary; Counter Reformation:

Summary; Counter Reformation The Jesuits were formed to counter the Protestant Reformation. The Protestant Reformation ended feudalism and fostered the democracies and the American Revolution. The Jesuit Central Banking System is creating neo-feudalism under the guise of globalization. Wealth is being concentrated in fewer and fewer hands. The mass of humanity is becoming landless and property-less serfs.

Summary; Jesuits and Human Sacrifice :

Summary; Jesuits and Human Sacrifice The Jesuits through the Rothschilds, have a goal of world domination. The Jesuits are Satanists, according to a former bishop and former priests. The Jesuit goal is to rebuild Solomon's temple in Jerusalem. Solomon converted to the “dark side.” He erected temples for child sacrifice. Solomon wrote extensive books about techniques of magic and spells. These grimoires are available on line: Aleister Crowley and others who promoted human sacrifice, used Solomon's books as a basis for rituals.

Summary; 9/11 and Insurance Claim Money Laundering:

Summary; 9/11 and Insurance Claim Money Laundering Insurance claim money laundering involves ordinary people in human sacrifice for money. The insurance claims from September 11 were an opportunity to launder $ billions. US military spending is fueling US unemployment and debt to China. The 80 year cycle of depressions and wars means that large scale war will come in the 2020 decade. That war will solidify total control by New World Order.

Summary; Solutions:

Summary; Solutions If humanity has the will, the march to neo-feudalism can be stopped. Public awareness of 911 truth and of who controls the money supply are critical. The Vatican and Rothschild Banks cannot survive an audit. Russia took back its oil company, YUKOS, from the Rothschilds because of an audit. We can also develop alternative currencies. By the time large scale war begins, it may be too late. The present global depression is in preparation for the next large scale war. The depression is directly connected to increased military spending, due to 911. The Jesuits will try to assassinate any leader who opposes them. No leader can stand up to the Jesuits without strong support. It is up to us, as individuals, to stop them.

Insights from contact with the Yogurt Shop Murderers network.:

Insights from contact with the Yogurt Shop Murderers network.

Yogurt Shop Murders $10 Million Insurance Policy :

Yogurt Shop Murders $10 Million Insurance Policy The “I Can't Believe It's Yogurt” store where 4 teenage girls were raped and murdered Had a hidden umbrella liability policy for ten million dollars. Appropriate coverage would be $250,000 to $1 million. That is what similar businesses carried at the time.

Synopsis of The Yogurt Shop Murders I:

Synopsis of The Yogurt Shop Murders I From: , an interview with Eric Moebius. On December 6, 1991, firefighters responded to a fire at the I Can't Believe It's Yogurt shop in North Austin. Inside, they found the burned bodies of four young women--Sarah Harbison, 15; Jennifer Harbison, 17; Eliza Thomas, 17; and Amy Ayers, 13. The four girls had each been shot in the back of the head, and their bodies burned. Firemen were sworn to secrecy regarding the details of the crime scene . However...firemen reported ...they found the bodies of three of the girls piled atop one another. The fourth victim, Amy Ayers, was found in another part of the shop later.


SYNOPSIS OF THE YOGURT SHOP MURDERS PART TWO From Posted by the mother of Amy Ayers. Amy Ayers, Eliza Thomas, Jennifer and Sarah Harbison were closing an “I Can't Believe It's Yogurt” shop together at 11 PM. Unknown persons entered the store, apparently to rob it and confronted the girls. All four girls were bound and shot in the head. Amy was shot twice. The store was set afire. A policeman on patrol noticed smoke around 11:45 pm and called in a fire alarm. The case remains unsolved. [The killers remained at the scene of the crime for 41 minutes. Very unusual, since robbers try to leave the scene of the crime quickly.]

Yogurt Shop Murders An Inside Job?:

Yogurt Shop Murders An Inside Job? Why murder four girls in the rear of a Yogurt Shop? Why bring accelerants to the site? Why did the murders of these four girls seem so carefully choreographed? Why wasn't robbery a motive? (After all, how much money does an American ice cream store have in its till?' And if robbery had been the motive, the men conducting the robbery, needing the money, would have fled the premises or site in much shorter time.) In all aspects, then, it appeared that these murders were conducted by men who had come to the site with the specific and sole intent of conducting murder.

$12 Million:

$12 Million But why murder four girls at that specific site? On January 10, 1994, an announcement was made that the Yogurt Shop Murders had been settled for a shocking sum in excess of $12 million. Until that moment, almost no one had been aware that a lawsuit had been filed. Nor could we have imagined that any Yogurt Shop would carry such an enormous amount of coverage. Once again, "Why?" became the prevalent question. Why did the Yogurt Shop, a small volume store with limited hours and a small seating capacity, carry such enormous insurance coverage? And why did the carriers pay out for murders which under the case law were clearly not compensable? Murder has never been a compensable event; like arson, murder is an intentional act. And yet carriers were paying sums in excess of $12 million dollars. {The same questions can be asked about the World Trade Center on 9/11!}



Mainstream Press “Omissions” of the Yogurt Shop Murders:

Mainstream Press “Omissions” of the Yogurt Shop Murders The mainstream media has been telling you that men who may be guilty men have been set free for the Yogurt Shop Murders. Not true!


Unconvicted Despite the photo to the left, 2 men were convicted of the murders based upon their “confessions.” Robert Springsteen “confessed” to raping Amy Ayers. DNA evidence proved he did not rape her. The father of recently released Robert Springsteen maintained an excellent website about the murders, The nightmare may be over for Robert Springsteen and Eric Moebius (I hope). But not for you and me. The criminal enterprise behind the Yogurt Shop Murders continues every day. A press that misleads can send you or your children onto a pointless battlefield and certain death.

Timeline Excerpts (from

Timeline Excerpts (from 12-6-91 - 4 girls murdered in I Can't Believe It's Yogurt shop in  Austin, TX. 12-12-91 - Travis County District Judge Jon Wisser seals autopsy  reports at request of District Attorney's office. 10-?-92 - Mexican nationals confess to the murders. 10-25-92 - Mexican nationals recant and claim torture. Eliminated as suspects. 1-11-94 - Hand written settlement for $12.4 million of parents lawsuit to be paid by "insurance company". 8-1-99 - 25 Investors file lawsuit ...of investment in Brice Foods, d.b.a. I Can't Believe It's Yogurt. Testimony indicates there was no "errors & omissions" coverage on this store. 10-5-99 - Verdict handed down in investors lawsuit. The jury returned fraud and consipracy findings against 3 Brice Foods executives. 10-6-99 - 4 young men arrested based on 2 alleged "confessions" and an irrelevant interrogation from 1991.

Timeline Excerpts, Part 2:

Timeline Excerpts, Part 2 12-?-99 - Court ordered DNA samples taken. Springsteen volunteered DNA samples and a polygraph in September and was refused. 12-?-99 - Rumored that suspects fingerprints do not match any in the file. 5/??/00 - .22 cal .pistol taken from Pierce in 1991 is tested by ATF and markings still do not match the bullets taken from crime scene 8-10-2000 - During questioning of ATF agent Meyer (ret), Mr. Sawyer asked him if he was aware that the results of the DNA tests were negative as relates to these suspects. The prosecution immediately objected and felt discussion of this in a public courtroom was Inappropriate. 8-11-2000 - Report by David Hafetz, Austin American-Statesman, that the Texas DPS results from a 6-30-2000 DNA test exclude the four current suspects. 1-29-2003 Maurice Pierce, the third suspect in Austin's notorious yogurt shop murders, was released from jail Tuesday after prosecutors determined they lack enough evidence to convict him.

False Confessions:

False Confessions Before the recent release of 2 men, after 10 years, 2 Mexican nationals were charged with the murders. They were released because of confessions made under torture. The media did not show the photograph at left in recent broadcasts.

Eric Moebius:

Eric Moebius Eric Moebius is no longer involved in this case! Former Texas Assistant Attorney General. Retained by LULAC, League of Latin American Citizens, in 1991. Hernandez Garcia had apparently been deliberately run over by a construction truck. Mr Moebius filed suit because Hernandez's mother had been separated from her claim for his injuries. She was told her claim was denied. Her former attorney was still proceeding with to collect on the claim.

My Story:

My Story I am limited regarding statements about private individuals. There is more flexibility with fact based statements about public individuals. Individuals who have been on newscasts are public figures. The murders were part of a “huge network involved in insurance fraud.” The quote above is from a private individual I had contact with.

Willing Victim of a Staged Fatal Accident:

Willing Victim of a Staged Fatal Accident I was told about Billy (not his real name) by one of the private individuals. “They say he died in a car accident, but it was suicide. It was insurance fraud.” I was told. Billy's fatal accident was 3 months after he was married, at the age of 22. This made the insurance claim for his death very valuable. Billy idolize another family member and would do anything for them. Billy volunteered to die to make his brother a success. The accident required months of planning And Billy's preparation for his role.

A Cryptic Note:

A Cryptic Note I found a strange, handwritten note at the home of the person who told me about Billy. Let the unreal become real. Let the familiar become unfamiliar. This leads to a trust accident. Billy was coerced and brainwashed to accept his fate. This may have made some of the accomplices believe it was his “choice.”

Staged Accident or an Implicit Threat?:

Staged Accident or an Implicit Threat? The first incident I was aware of seemed to be an attempt to kill me. It may have been a show of force to gain my cooperation as a perpetrator. If you were on the job, driving a designated route, in a small pickup on an interstate highway, suddenly surrounded by 3 tractor trailers, with a 4 th truck barreling down a ramp, to collide where you were hemmed in. What would you think? I down shifted and escaped!


INSPIRATION FROM A PERPETRATOR Immediately after the truck incident, I drove to a police station and filed a report! My bosses' only concern was if the incident got in the press. That was in 1998, before I had Internet access. My bosses' concern inspired me. I have been exposing insurance claim money laundering and staged fatal accidents on the Internet since 1999.


BRAINWASHING I do not drink or use recreational drugs. In the year 2000, I remembered a couple of “lost weekends”. These happened in 1998. I remembered waking up on Sunday afternoon Not knowing what day it was. I felt a little woozy in the hot sun for the next two days. Dr Thomas Dormon, a Seattle mind control expert, said I may have been sedated and hypnotized, which is a common tactic.


COUNSELING Before the “lost weekends”, I had been taken to a “Counselor” who was also a hypnotist She was evasive about her credentials and did not want me to have her business card. She said she was from California and business had been good there then, but not any more. (California enacted reforms to prevent insurance fraud accidents a year before.)

A Chilling Conversation:

A Chilling Conversation One of the private individuals whom I later determined was an organizer of the Yogurt Shop Murders Was walking with in a small shopping mall. She expressed contempt toward “shopping mall Lolitas.” She hated attractive early teenage girls who frequent shopping malls. She had been an attractive Lolita herself, once. That conversation was years after the Yogurt Shop Murders. When I realized her role in the murders, her words made me sick.

Opinions/Interpretations of the Evidence:

Opinions/Interpretations of the Evidence Unemployed man lived rent free in apartment near the yogurt shop. He received $40,000 a week after the murders. Amy Ayers was still alive when fire department arrived. Cause of death for Amy Ayers was a .38 caliber bullet, standard law enforcement issue in 1991. Amy had survived a .22 caliber shot in the head, which was the cause of death for the other 3 victims. Insurance claim reserve accounts are money laundering vehicles! A $12 million settlement was paid to the families of the victims, 3 times as much as similar cases. The Yogurt Shop was insured for $10 million when a half million $ was appropriate.

Slide 34:

Excerpts from: In Moebius' opinion, the stepfather's movements prior to the murders were highly suspicious.... Minutes before the murder began, . . . the stepfather of two of the murder victims, dropped the youngest victims off at the site. ... [he] explained that the girls had been dropped off to help with the clean-up as they were on their way to a movie. There are no movies at that time in that area. ... Two of the girls, the two youngest girls, were dropped of by . . . the stepfather of the two Harbison girls, moments before their murders began. ... The murders the two youngest girls did not seem to be an after thought. Their murders were easily integrated into the murder scheme as if all four murders had been planned. As if the delivery of the youngest two had always been part of the entire scheme." Moebius further contends that the girls knew their murderers, or at least one of them. He identifies an "unemployed gambler" as one likely suspect--a man who "lived seemingly rent free in a condominium" behind the yogurt shop, and who "spent night and day for six months hanging out at the yogurt shop, building trust with the girls." Moebius says this man moved out of his condominium the day after the murders, then one week later "showed up with $40,000 cash, according to his girlfriend and her mother." The girlfriend also noticed a marked change in Mike's behavior following the murders;

Insurance Claim Money Laundering 101:

Insurance Claim Money Laundering 101 Mutual insurance companies are state regulated. Insurance rates are based on claims expenses. Lower claims expenses forces insurance companies to lower premiums. There is an unstated quota system in insurance claims, to keep premiums up. Excess income from high premiums can be paid out in select claims.

Insurance Claim Money Laundering 201:

Insurance Claim Money Laundering 201 Money from outside the insurance companies could be laundered through claims. Contingency reserve accounts are created to pay potential claims. “Dirty” money can be transferred into the reserve accounts and “clean” money is transferred out of the reserve accounts. No regulatory agency certifies that money used to pay claims actually comes from the insurance companies. “Dirty” money must be laundered in order to return to circulation. Description of the mechanisms of insurance claim money laundering are available at: $88 million may have been laundered through the $10 million contingency reserve account for the Yogurt Shop Murders .

A Pattern Of Similar Cases:

A Pattern Of Similar Cases Eric Moebius and other attorneys discovered and documented insurance claim money laundering cases related to his work with LULAC. There were other cases of over insured properties, deaths and personal injury lawsuits in the region at that time. Texas was more liberal with punitive damages at that time. Eric Moebius recognized the Yogurt Shop Murders as a case of insurance claim money laundering. He publicized the insurance money laundering scheme. He was disbarred and cannot be located now. He stated to me “too many people involved.” He does not want to be involved in the case any more.

The Yogurt shop Murders and 9/11:

The Yogurt shop Murders and 9/11 Both the Yogurt Shop and World Trade Center were over-insured. Insurance claims settlements in both cases were much higher than similar cases. Both claims could have been denied. The Yogurt Shop Murders settlement was at least 3 times higher than similar cases.

Snuff Films:

Snuff Films Snuff films are films of actual murders or suicides, often involving sex. Mainstream movies sell with sex and violence. Conventional pornography is a $50 billion a year industry. How much money do you think is involved in snuff films?

Snuff Film Cover-Ups:

Snuff Film Cover-Ups USA law enforcement has never reported a snuff film. European law enforcement has reported snuff films and made convictions. A Russian was caught with videos of children being raped, tortured and killed. The Yogurt Shop Murders would be a very valuable snuff film. The girls in the Yogurt Shop were young and photogenic The crime was highly publicized. There were efforts to involve me in snuff films. Cathy O'Brien, in I Was a White House Sex Slave , said there were plans to get rid of her in a snuff film. “Snuff” and “Snuff Movie” are popular movies depicting snuff films and marketed as actual snuff films. Below the “huge network involved in insurance fraud” is another network of the snuff film industry.

Amy Ayers' Fight:

Amy Ayers' Fight Animals would approach her when they would run from others. She fought her killers. She survived a .22 bullet in the head. Her autopsy exposed what really happened. That exposure saved my life.

Fought to Her Last Breath:

Fought to Her Last Breath Autopsy report of bruises. First shot in head with a 22 caliber. Bullet missed her brain. Crawled from burning pile of bodies to another part of the shop.

Death After Firemen Arrived:

Death After Firemen Arrived Amy was alive when firemen arrived. The autopsy stated the cause of death was a .38 bullet wound to the head. .38 caliber was standard law enforcement issue in 1991.

The Murder of Amy Ayers:

The Murder of Amy Ayers Ayers, however, was still not dead. Pulling her 110-pound frame out of the pile of bodies, she managed to crawl away to another area of the blazing shop, where it was discovered by firemen a full half hour after their arrival at the shop. Moebius contends that the discovery of her body, still alive when firemen arrived, necessitated a clean-up operation—one that only a police officer could have accomplished. "Only a cop could have gotten in there," says Moebius. He theorizes that the firemen may have been ordered away from the scene to allow a police officer to shoot Ayers in the head with a .38 revolver... Moebius (and I!) believes these murders are part of a much larger picture involving insurance fraud, money laundering, official corruption, and a great many other murders... From:


LIGATURES The bodies Eliza Thomas and Amy Ayers were found with ligatures (bindings). There is one report the bodies of the girls were mutilated. Ligatures and mutilation are indications of ritual murder. (Just a hunch, but cannibalism would have enhanced the value of the snuff film)


HELL NO, I WON'T GO! I was invited to join a “huge network involved in insurance fraud” when I was exposed to size and power of the organization. “They” claimed they were “evolutionary.” There is nothing “evolutionary” about the murder of Amy Ayers! “They” did not recognize that I don't think like they do, (nor do I want to think like they do!) or my positive spirituality, resistance to authority and refusal to take human life. Like Captain Hugh Thompson, they picked the wrong guy! Hugh Thompson was a US helicopter pilot in the Vietnam War He risked his life to save civilians from being massacred by US Marines.

Glassy Eyed Suicides :

Glassy Eyed Suicides There was a decade of harassment against me from 1998 to 2008. There were attempts to involve me in my own staged fatal accident and attempts to make me the perpetrator of someone else's staged fatal accident. The incidents to stage my own staged fatal accident required some act of will on my part to cause the accident. The intended victims of their own fatal accident Were glassy eyed and appeared to be looking at something only they could see.


SATANISM During the decade of harassment, 1998 to 2008,it was made clear to me that Satanism was very much involved. The planet is becoming the domain of Satanist overlords. Insurance claim money laundering turns ordinary people into fiends who sacrifice their own children.


BELFAST Two of the perpetrators I knew were a retired professional couple in their 70s They traveled to China, Azerbaijan and Israel. They also visited Belfast, Northern Ireland During a period of violence between the Irish Republican Army and British occupational forces. I still wonder what the perpetrators mission was. Retirees don't vacation in a combat zone.

Staged Fatal Accidents:

Staged Fatal Accidents Attempts were made to use me as the offending driver in staged fatal accidents. The intended victims were glassy eyed, with a far away look in their eyes. They were programmed to kill themselves in a staged fatal accident. An anonymous poster, in a forum discussion of snuff films, said the victims were willing and consenting.


BRING IT ON! I eventually learned the value of courage, in response to implicit death threats. I let “them” know they could kill me if they wanted to but I would not help them. Then the harassment subsided.

Who Killed These Girls ?:

Who Killed These Girls ? Everyone involved in insurance claim money laundering. The snuff film industry. The Central Banking System.

9/11 Insurance Claim Money Laundering:

9/11 Insurance Claim Money Laundering The complex was overinsured. Owner Larry Silvestein has been awarded $4.57 billion He is seeking a total of $7.1 billion. The entire claim could have been denied because of arson and murder. Reserve accounts from all of the lawsuits from 9/11 could potentially have been used for money laundering of $ billions.

Note from Russ Hallberg Jr:

Note from Russ Hallberg Jr

9/11 Truth:

9/11 Truth I researched various World Trade Center demolition theories with Dr Barbara Ellis. Dr Ellis had gone to Washington, DC with a draft of a bill to investigate demolition theories for 9/11. She was condemned by leading elements of the 9/11 truth movement! The research led me to the conclusion of plutonium based nuclear devices. A Russian expert agrees: The “other side” will attempt to control the 9/11 truth movement to discourage us. DON'T QUIT!


A SITE IS PURCHASED The C-1 money traders combine their funds and locate a murder site. In the Havner case, a low volume store in Sulphur Springs, Texas was purchased and altered to enhance security for the murder of the employee. The Yogurt Shop franchise relating to the Anderson Lane site was purchased or the existing owner was bribed. Once the site was located, victims were sought out for placement and subsequent murder on the site In the Yogurt Shop case, plaintiff s attorney Jeff Rusk begins to visit Child Inc. where he eventually meets Skip and Barbara Suraci the parents of the eventual murder victims, Sarah and Jennifer Harbison, prior to the murders . {The same principles can be applied to September 11 and the World Trade Center!}


LOADING DURING THE LAG TIME The entire purpose of the murder based money laundering scheme is to circumvent the reporting requirements put in place by the Bank Secrecy Act and move the C-1 currency into the central banking system. Because of the Bank Secrecy Act and its $10,000 reporting requirements, direct transactions with the central bank must be avoided. The host carriers provide dummy lists of policy holders to the third party check writing company at the same time the C-1 traders provide C-1 currency to the third party check writers. The money orders go to the host carriers and the C-1 currency is deposited in the central bank by the money order company. All trace back created by B.S.A. reporting requirements end at the money order company. The host carriers, using the money orders, then have the central bank transfer the funds from the money order company's accounts to its General Accounts. It is estimated that more than $100 million may have been laundered through the Yogurt Shop Murders . The host carrier is now "charged" and awaits the murder .


ADDITIONAL MURDERERS ARE LOCATED With as much as $100 million presumably on board the host carriers in anticipation of the Yogurt Shop Murders , the site specific murders must take place without complications. Competent murderers who are in positions of mutual compromise (read facing civil and criminal prosecution) are located and promised financial compensation and freedom from civil and criminal prosecution in return fro providing murder services. [9/11 was staged murder on a much larger scale.]




ADVERTISING The use of the Yogurt Shop allows C-1 traders seeking to launder funds to visit the site and observe security. Those who decide to join the scheme begin "loading" their C-1 currency on board the host carriers ostensibly providing coverage for the Shop. [Participants in the snuff film industry were allowed to view the future “stars.”] {This could apply to the missing $4 trillion from the DOD before 9/11}


Brownsville Don't believe world leaders are Satanists? George W Bush was the only survivor Of a household massacre in 1984 17 people were ritualistically murdered and skinned

The Future?:

The Future?

Bohemian Grove:

Bohemian Grove Male only world leaders gather at Bohemian Grove, in California. They perform a “Cremation of Care” ceremony. Which is an admitted “simulated” human sacrifice. In front of a 40 foot stone owl, A symbol of Moloch to whom children were sacrificed.

Satanism, Inc.:

Satanism, Inc. Retired FBI Special Agent in Charge Ted Gunderson investigated satanist pedophile and ritual murder networks during the 1990s From: Gunderson asserts that "...50,000 to 60,000 individuals are sacrificed every year. There are about eight satanic holidays." It's an actual belief system based on the ritual performance of torture and murder in loyalty to Satan and as an exchange for future rewards from the forces of darkness.

How Could They Get Away With It?:

How Could They Get Away With It? How could the “huge network involved in insurance fraud” exist in the United States? It exists because of who creates our money. The Central Banking System demands that illegal money be returned to circulation. The USA Federal Reserve is a private corporation. Owned by the Rothschilds, Bank of England and others. The Bank of England is a branch of the Jesuit Bank of Rome.

How Could They Get Away With It II?:

How Could They Get Away With It II? Like 9/11, operations like the Yogurt Shop Murders can only be carried out with the blessings of the highest level of power on the planet. That level of power is over the Rothschilds, who control half of the net worth of the entire planet. "Give me control over a nations currency, and I care not who makes its laws.” Baron M.A. Rothschild The Rothschild cabal controls the mainstream media. The USA two party system is competing factions, with the same owners. The Jesuits are the world's most effective network of assassins. All leaders are compromised by the Jesuits. Abraham Lincoln said the Jesuits were trying to assassinate him.


Jesuits The Rothschilds are subservient to the Jesuits The Rothschilds may be Jesuits and Knights of Malta, themselves. The “Illuminati” was the new name for some Jesuits after suppression of the Jesuits by Pope Clement XIV in 1773! The “Illuminati” are the Jesuits! Links: Google: “Jesuits Illuminati Rothschilds” for more information

Follow The Money:

Follow The Money Jesuit Bank of Rome opened its Bank of England Branch in 1694. British currency is created by the Bank of England. The Federal Reserve is a private corporation and functions as a branch of the Bank of England. The City of London is a square mile financial district, incorporated and managed by the Rothschilds. 149 national Central Banks, like the FED, report to the Bank of International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland. formed by future World War Two adversaries in 1930!

Jesuits 101:

Jesuits 101 Formed in response to the Reformation. Council of Trent was in response to the Reformation, 1545-63. “In the 4th Session, the Jesuits condemn freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and freedom of conscience. So, no man has the right to choose his own religion; no man has the right to publish what he feels is the truth; and no man has the right to freedom of conscience.” The Jesuits have been at war with freedom for 450 years!

Jesuits 201:

Jesuits 201 The extent of the Jesuit conspiracies is beyond the scope of this presentation. There are reports, by priests, of Satanic rituals in the Vatican. There are numerous anomalies with Christianity within the Catholic church, beginning with an upside down cross at a recent ceremony by the Pope. This is not a theology discussion, but to point out there is another, non-biblical, agenda. Do you want to live in a world with one religion? My exposure to Satanism indicates it is founded on human sacrifice.

Rothschild Cycles:

Rothschild Cycles The Rothschilds are known for taking advantage of economic cycles. The Rothschild cabal accelerated the 1929 stock market crash and turned a recession into the Great Depression. There was a rollback of FDR's New Deal in 1936. Which caused unemployment to increase in 1937-38. Just in time for World War Two.

The Shape of Things To Come:

The Shape of Things To Come An 80 to 90 year cycle of high unemployment, followed by war, has been repeated seven times in the past 560 years. Popular books have been published about these cycles, with a positive slant toward war. The Kondratieff long waves are the subject on ongoing social and economic research. A good introduction is Tom Hartman's article: “Does the So-Called Millennial Generation Have a Rendezvous with Destiny?” Tom Hartman's article is not pro-war.

Countdown to a Decade of Large Scale War:

Countdown to a Decade of Large Scale War 1569-1594 Armada Crisis. 1675-1704 Glorious Revolution. 1775-81 American Revolutionary War was preceded by the 1770-75 Depression. 1860-65 USA Civil War, after the panic of 1858 created high unemployment. 1939-45 World War Two after 1929-39 Great Depression. Unemployment increased in 1936-38 due to a rollback in the “New Deal.” 2008: Economic collapse with jobless recovery. Expect a new surge in unemployment before the war, which will be in the 2020-30 decade. 2020-2030 Global war.

Preliminary Wars:

Preliminary Wars The US Revolutionary War was preceded by the French and Indian War. The US Civil War was preceded by the Mexican-American war. The Spanish Civil War, Italian invasion of Ethiopia and Japanese invasion of Manchuria all happened in the decade before WWII. The invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan are just preliminaries For the large scale war in the 2020s.

Total War and Total Control:

Total War and Total Control The next large scale war will be used to consolidate control and exhaust resistance. Polish resistance was slaughtered in World War Two Warsaw, when the Russians were just across the river. Iraqi freedom fighters rose up against Sadam Husssein after Sadam's Gulf War defeat. The victorious allies allowed Sadam to fly his gunships and slaughter the resistance that could have quickly removed Sadam from power. Real freedom fighters are killed in the crossfire of Roithschild wars. Who will die int eh next Rothschild war?


BREAK THE BANK OF SATAN! The Rothschild and Vatican holdings have never been audited. There are legal avenues to audit the Rothschilds' holdings and confiscate the wealth for humanity. If humanity has the will, there will be a way, as Russia did in 2004 when they reclaimed their oil from the Rothschilds. The alternative is to allow the Rothschilds and their cabal to determine the future of humanity After the large scale wars in the next decade.

Rothschild Quick Studies:

Rothschild Quick Studies 10 minute quick study video: “Criminal Rothschilds” A Rothschild primer: “The History Of The House Of Rothschild” By Andrew Hitchcock has the best unbiased information.



You Are Directly Affected!:

You Are Directly Affected! 80% of the people will not do anything about issues until they are directly affected. I was an armchair activist before the Yogurt Shop Murders fell in my lap. We are all directly affected! The US and world economy are in a shambles, due to a global arms race that began in 1999. By the time you are directly affected by large scale war in the next decade, It will be too late.

It's Up to Us:

It's Up to Us You can spread the truth about 9/11, the Rothschilds and Federal Reserve. The 80 year long wave cycle is widely accepted economic theory, but only the war promoters have publicized it. By the time the military draft is reinstated, resistance may be useless. Rothschild agent Lenin said “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it!” Expecting “leaders” to save us is certain to fail. Every Presidential assassination can be connected to the Rothschilds. Andrew Jackson said the assassination attempt agaisnt him was perpetrated by the Rothschilds! We must make it possible for another JFK to survive. He was killed soon after he began to take control of our money supply from the Federal Reserve.


Anti-Satanism You don't have to be a Christian to be abhorred by Satanism Satanism is an anti-human force Satanism is human sacrifice, mass murder, child molestation and avaricious economies. Satanism is the belief system of the Jesuits and the New World Order. The Satanists want to create a mind controlled population of slaves. Why tolerate it?

What Else To Do?:

What Else To Do? “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it.” Vladimir Lenin. The Jesuits are the highest level of power on the planet. Everything below that level is controlled opposition. The two party system is opposing teams with the same owners. Global awareness of the Satanist agenda and the horrible war planned in the next decade Can stop both. Otherwise, Today's ten year old children are tomorrow's cannon fodder. If you tell one person and they tell one person Then the the whole world will know!

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