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We provide cheap & best quality led lights for home and office at reasonable prices in Myanmar. We have a strong track record of customer projects in the commercial, retail, hospitality and residential markets.


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Using Light to Wirelessly Send Data Many researches are being done to use lighting as a source to transmit data wirelessly. The most basic and common understanding of the above will be our traffic lights. Depending on the lighted colours and whether it is flashing or not, it provides information to users. Of course that is because we have learnt and pre-define the lighting presentation.

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LED strips Do you need LED strips that can bend around curves and corners easily? We can provide that for you with our innovative jagged LED strips. It would cut installation time for signboards, difficult corners or even display units.

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Smart Lighting Controls Specific To Drivers As we continuously progress from traditional lighting fixtures to lighting controls and now SMART lighting configuration, the key focus still revolve around lights. Lighting can be easily controlled just by using the right kind of drivers. This is like the processor that talks to both the lighting and computer/signal system. Although many forms and brands in the market, all one needs is to know the protocol behind it.

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Great Design Lighting With Creative Lighting Accessories Sharing great designs in lighting and effects might be our forte. But, we are always on the lookout how can lighting be made fun? Having some funny, cute or elegant lighting may be the key to having a great ambience immediately . But, we would like to share our new found accessories to accompany our good lightings for homes.

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LED LIGHTS, LED LINEAR BAR LIGHTS We would like to commend how far our Singapore society had advanced from 5 years ago in terms of LED lightings. At first, most agencies were skeptical with LED lights with its much higher costs compared to traditional lighting. 

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