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Important Notes: Keyword: combat arms hacks / _____________________________________________________________________________________ Combat Arms Cheats Combat Arms is the perfect example of a game that is in its nature highly exploitable due to a lot of client-side processing and really bad security and anti-cheat measures. An unusual amount of the processing in this game is done on the players PC allowing for a lot or really really overpowered hacks to be achieved. This fact has made Combat arms one of the most hacker-infested shooters of all times. Over the years we have seen hacks that can kill an entire team of players vacuum hacks with one shot we have seen partial God Modes we have seen Rank hacks weapon spawning and a lot more really game breaking exploits. Hacking got so bad in Combat Arms that most of the mature and legit players decided to leave the game. But whose fault is that Is it the people that were using free hacks Or is it the developers that failed to implement the same counter measures that other online shooters of the time had It is our opinion that both factors were integral to the damage that was done to the game. If the security measures had been up to speed the huge CA hacking community would not have developed but without people wanting to cheat the lack of anti-cheats would not have mattered. However Nexon was one of the first publishers to step into the Free to Play FPS market and pioneers sometimes get hurt. We kindly ask our members to “only” use ESP hacks and Aimbots in this game since they don’t hurt the game if used correctly and are less risky as well. Combat Arms Aimbots As in almost any online shooter the whole map is rendered on your PC whenever you are playing Combat Arms. This allows us to inject code into the game client in order to find enemy players and automatically aim at them. Most aimbots also include triggerbots that will automatically shoot if an enemy is in line if sight and aimed at. Since this particular game is a bit older and still allows for extensive client- side and server hacking this is not the most powerful hack you can use in CA but the one that offers the most at a relative safety. While aimbots can certainly be detected if you are using a private one you should not ever run into any detection problems. However if you just mindlessly run around killing everyone in sight you will still get reported and sooner or later banned from the game. – So always make sure that you are using the aim bot with caution and take all possible precautions to

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make the software seem more natural. So limit your aiming angle and amming speed and maybe even delay the shooting after the auto aim is locked on to a target or even do it manually. Most paid hacks will offer you extensive options to make your aimbot more human-like. As always beware of free software since you are not the only one having access to it. Everyone working to keep CA free of hackers can download it just as quickly as you and may get your account banned quite swiftly. To find legit paid Combat Arms aimbot providers check our reviews and lists.

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