How To Request An Advisory Opinion For P-Visa

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How To Request An Advisory Opinion For P Visa An advisory opinion is written when an individual group and/or band is seeking entry into the United States with a P-3 visa. The ​P-3 Visa is for entertainers who are entering the United States to perform something that is culturally unique they can also enter the United States if they have some significant music or performance that has shown a rise to recognition and fame. An advisory opinion is very important because it shows that the sponsor alls the artists and entertainers to come and perform. You need to establish which advisory opinion works well with your labor organization for more information: ​. It also allows officers that are looking over the individuals groups and/or bands information to see with evidence how their performance will impact the culture in the country and if it is something unique. This letter is crucial to the process and without it entry into the United States becomes compromised or not as likely to occur. The first important step when it comes to requesting an advisory opinion is to have all the documents that you need to be able to complete the most accurate representation of the group band or individual. The petitioner will need to have awards and recognitions that they have gotten throughout the years for their performance and how it impacted the audience while they were performing. Another important piece of information that must be noted for the advisory opinion is a contract that would be stating how much the individual group and/or band will be paid for each performance as well as provide them with housing food and travel that the artists will need to complete their performances in the United States. Another important aspect to note in the advisory letter is the itinerary for how long the individual group and/or band will be in the United States. In the advisory opinion letter it is also important to provide exactly when and where the group will be performing. The dates

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must fall between the dates stated in the contract for when the people are coming to the United States and when they are leaving. That information is important because it lets the officer that is looking over the petition understand the legality of the situation as well as to make sure that the individual group and/or band who are coming here to do what they intend to do. Another important aspect that needs to be added to an advisory letter is to present evidence that they are in fact an accredited company and letting the officer that will be reading over the case know about themselves and how they will be managing the group that is coming in. Once all of the needed information is presented in the advisory opinion letter it is then important to begin conducting research about the individual group and/or band. There will already be documents that the individuals submitted about the recognitions and awards that they received but it is important to watch videos listen to their music and read news articles on them if any to be able to write a detailed description as to how this group performs and the reactions from the crowd as well as what they thought about the performance and if it made them change their opinion about a certain culture or if they learned anything new. An ​advisory opinion ​should presented in a persuasive way in order to convince the officer that the group is indeed unique and that no other group dance and/or individuals can perform and creative a unique environment like them. For more information visit our website ​ Our email is or call to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced immigration attorneys in Washington DC.

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