Tips for Choosing The Right Immigration Lawyer

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Choosing an immigration attorney is not easy. For most immigrants in the US, their immigration status is more important than any other status, including the marital one.


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Website: | Contact No: 1.202.367.9138 | Email Id: Tips for Choosing The Right Immigration Lawyer Choosing an immigration attorney is not easy. For most immigrants in the US their immigration status is more important than any other status including the marital one. People search carefully for the right immigration specialist to ensure the immigration process is taken care of by a professional. There are some many factors to consider while choosing an attorney: experience language price location communication responsiveness accessibility and many others. For example some immigrants choose immigration attorneys only in his or her country’s community others prefer to stay away from their compatriots as far as possible. Regardless of what category you are in below are discussed the main points to consider while choosing the best immigration attorney in the US. Most articles available online first mention factors like membership in AILA American Immigration Lawyers Association. While it is important most decent attorneys are already the members of AILA and even if they are not it does not mean they cannot do a great job for their clients. Something else to consider is that most inexperienced lawyers jump on AILA right away for the sole reason of

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Website: | Contact No: 1.202.367.9138 | Email Id: accessing the research tools. They merely do it because they do not have relevant experience and rely on the message board and other information provided by AILA. Based on the feedback that our company has analyzed the most important factor while looking for an immigration lawyer is feeling comfortable working with a particular immigration attorney assigned to your case. Both corporate and family immigration include a great deal of confidential information that may be hard to share with a person you just met. An attorney should be trustworthy and friendly. A client should not be afraid of contacting his attorney with a related to his case question. Second is experience. The right immigration lawyer must have experience handling cases like yours. It does not matter how friend an attorney is if he cannot answer your questions it is probably a bad sign. However most immigration lawyers collaborate and work as law firms. A junior immigration lawyer should be able to get proper guidance regarding casework from a senior attorney or partner. Also in the immigration law field experienced immigration paralegals perform a great deal of legal work and attorneys simply review it. That is why we put feeling comfortable and secure as number one priority while hiring a counsel although experience is very important. Third is responsiveness. Even if you hired the most experienced and nice lawyer out there if it takes him a week to respond to your email or return a call it probably will take a long time to file your case. For the reasons stated above paralegals and distribution of casework in established law firms the best immigration attorneys should be able to answer the phone and spend some time drafting emails to the retained clients when they are asked to.

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Website: | Contact No: 1.202.367.9138 | Email Id: At ilexlaw we pay close attention to these 3 principles and many others. We built this list based on the clients’ feedback that was shared with us. Most of them told us that they chose ilexlaw because of one or more of the factors above. We communicate with our clients we specialize in immigration and we deliver successful results. Follow us: Facebook: Twitter: Linkedin: Google Plus:

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