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Website: www.ilexlaw.com | Contact No: 1.202.367.9138 | Email Id: infoilexlaw.com P-1 visa Frequently Asked Questions Q: How can I get a P-1 visa A: The P-1 visa is created for famous athletes and entertainers. If an artist has some international recognition the P-1 visa is a way to go. Q: How to show international recognition: A: There are several ways to prove international recognition. The US Immigration Law regarding P-1 visa makes a perfect sense. Anyone without special training may access if an athlete or artists has international recognition or not. If he is famous in more than one country an international recognition is established. The fastest way to do it is to show an award of an international prize or winning a prestigious international competition. Q: What kind of documents can I show to prove international recognition A:  Copies of certificates  Photographs holding prestigious international awards  Press releases

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Website: www.ilexlaw.com | Contact No: 1.202.367.9138 | Email Id: infoilexlaw.com  Youtube views  Letters from experts  Promotion materials of different concerts/events  Successful track record of achievements Q: What if I am famous in several countries that have similar cultures A: For the P-1 visa purposes legal boundaries of countries are of outmost importance. If the countries speak the same language and share one culture but legal are separate states international recognition can be claimed. For example India Pakistan and Nepal share the same cultural identity for the most part and speak one language. Serbia Croatia and Montenegro used to be one country for a long time. Now if a band can show that he is popular in more than one present day countries they will successfully establish international recognition. Q: Can an individual artist get a P-1 visa. Only bands or groups qualify for P-1 visas. Individuals athletes may qualify but not individual performers. There must be a group of several people. The band must stay in tact for at least one year prior to filing. In other words if it is a brand new band that has gained international recognition already the P-1 visa may not work. Q: How to get support personnel to help performing the US A: It is very easy. There is a special type of visa that is designated for essential personnel that help the band during performances. This list includes: Managers light specialist sound engineers movers hairdressers make up artists dancers designers tailors etc. As long as the personnel is an essential part of performances a special P-1S visa may be obtained. For more questions please visit our website: www.ilexlaw.com Please check out our Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2J65mDJSpMAPGrVTt1CTEA Follow us: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Ilexlaw Twitter: https://twitter.com/ilexlawpllc Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/ilex-law-pllc Google Plus: https://plus.google.com/+Ilexlaw

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