Shooting a video and doing recording while on P visa in the US

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Website: | Contact No: 1.202.367.9138 | Email Id: Shooting a video and doing recording while on P visa in the US Many performers are interested in two questions: 1. What visa is appropriate to make a recording or shoot a video in the US 2. Is it possible while on a P visa First it should be mentioned that to shoot a video or make a recording using US recording and video studios is possible even while on a tourist visa. An exception applies to the general ban on business activities while in the US. The video or music production must not be made distributable to the US audience. In other words if an artist comes to US on a tourist visa he can film a video and do recordings. However the final product must be aimed towards foreign audience outside the US. The artist can obtain a visitor’s visa if he enters the US to use a recording studio to record or film something that will not be sold in the US.

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Website: | Contact No: 1.202.367.9138 | Email Id: If the final product will include the US audience and the album/video will be distributed in the US a simple tourist visa will not work. For such activities an O visa P visa or an H visa must be filed. The most common and appropriate category is the P visa P1 visa P2 visa or P3 visa. Making television shows contrived and staged events documentaries music and other video recordings will fall under the P visa category. When filing for a P visa the company must explicitly state that such activities will take place. Now what if a P visa has been approved the band entered to US to perform concerts and decided to make recordings in the US afterwards The recording activities were not reported in the P visa petition. The band management decided to do it after the approval and will retain a US production company. To comply with the US law a sponsoring organization will have to file an amendment or even an extension to reflect the change in employment. If the sponsoring organization is no longer involved in the production a change of employer may be required. The record label or an appointed agent will become an employer for the visa purposes. The most important factor to consider is a timeline. The P-1 P-2 and P-3 visa artists must exist the US upon expiration of their I-94 i.e. end dates of the underlying P visa petitions. Everything an entertainment company needs to know about visa and tax issues for foreign artists performing in the US can be found on

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Website: | Contact No: 1.202.367.9138 | Email Id: There are some things that most companies didn’t even know they need to consider. Bringing an artist from abroad is very different from hiring a US entertainer. All questions on any topics related to foreign artists in the US can be posted on our website or email to our team at Follow us: Facebook: Twitter: Linkedin: Google Plus:

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