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Immigration Attorney in Washington, DC, Maryland, and Virginia are specialized in their work areas of immigration law to guide you and provide citizenship related to the particular category for which you are applying.


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Website: | Contact No: 1.202.367.9138 | Email Id: The United States Immigration Law Federal Government has framed certain rules governing the immigration of the foreigners in the United States. It determines the process of obtaining US citizenship for the people desirous of making the United States their homeland. The law also states how the detention and removal proceedings should take place in case of illegal stay of any foreign national. It states only the Congress at the center has right to legislate and control the immigration law. But despite the stringent laws many States are enacting the immigration law to check the illegal aliens suspected of causing nuisance in the respective states. There are three Federal agencies which are responsible for monitoring and regulating the immigrant law: Immigration and Custom Enforcement ICE which investigates the cases and prosecute the offenders U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services USCIS department who take care of the applications for legal immigrants and Customs and Border protection for maintaining the security of the border. Aspirants from the foreign lands have to get the visa as a permission to reach the United States. The visa is of two types Immigrant visa which gives people right to stay in United States and get employed while non-immigration visas allow tourists students and business class to visit the United States for the specific period of time. However citizens of certain developed nations are exempted from the visa for ninety days but in this case too they are not allowed to work go to School or even apply for a permanent visa. This program is applicable for the citizens of 37 countries.

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Website: | Contact No: 1.202.367.9138 | Email Id: Traditionally Immigration is granted to the people who either want to reunite with the families stay in the country as a skilled worker or as refugees. Broadly following types of immigration is allowed: Immigration for Family This is family-based immigration that allows United States citizens to bring their certain number of family members to the United States. Only 480000 immigrants are allowed per year on Family based visas however there is no prescribed number for children spouses or relatives which are allowed and petitioners must determine certain age limit and financial needs. Employment Based Immigration People seeking employment can either get a permanent or temporary based visa. Temporary visas are of twenty types which include but not restricted to visas for sports persons that includes athletes entertainers or skilled performer visa for religious workers diplomatic employees intra-company transfers or people having specialized skills like nursing or agriculture. While permanent Visa allows for 140000 visas every year which includes people with highly specialized skills and holding advanced degrees etc. Refugees and Asylees People can seek a refugee status in the United States of America. They either want to escape persecution or fear danger to their life because of race religious dogmas political upheaval or any other social turmoil. United States also prioritize the categories depending on the estimated risk a refugee have to face. Besides United States also grants immigration visa as a gesture for Humanitarian Relief Deferred Enforced Departure or the Diversity Visa Lottery with specific rules and regulations. Federal Government also places certain limits on the immigration numbers from time to time from any one country. Currently the number of permanent

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Website: | Contact No: 1.202.367.9138 | Email Id: memberships cannot exceed seven percent of the total number of people who wants to immigrate in the United States in a particular year. As immigration rules and regulations keep on changing quite often and the number of detailed applications that have to be submitted to the federal government the whole immigration process becomes a complicated process. It becomes very difficult for a person without having formal training in the immigration laws to pursue his or her case. Even attorneys can work within their parameters of specialization in diverse immigration laws. It is highly suggested to hire an experienced and well-qualified attorney who can help you get permanent residency a green card and citizenship in America. Immigration Attorney in Washington DC Maryland and Virginia are specialized in their work areas of immigration law to guide you and provide citizenship related to the particular category for which you are applying. It is highly suggested to understand the category for which you are applying and then find a suitable attorney who can take up your case with success. Follow us: Facebook: Twitter: Linkedin: Google Plus: Contact us: Our Head Office: 2101 L St. NW63 Suite 800 Washington DC 20037 Phone: 1.202.367.9138 Email:

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