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Seminar On Firewall : 

Seminar On Firewall Presented By Syed Mohammed Ikram Ullah


What is firewall ? Need of using firewalls How a firewall works ? Main purpose of using firewalls Firewall types Popular hardware & software firewalls What is proxy ? Main purpose of using proxies How a proxy works ? What firewall protect us from ? Conclusion CONTENTS Firewall

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What is firewall ?

Why do we need a Firewall? : 

Why do we need a Firewall? To protect confidential information from those who do not explicitly need to access it. To protect our network and its resources from malicious users and accidents that originate outside of our network. Firewall

How a firewall works ? : 

How a firewall works ? The FIREWALL can now: Log the attempt Alert the admin Or reset a TCP/IP connection Harden the firewall 1) An attacker tries to compromise a service on the protected network. 2) The Firewall identifies the attempt. LOG Alert 

Main purpose of using firewalls : 

Main purpose of using firewalls Packet filtering Analyzing packets Proxy service Provide access to other networks e.g INTERNET  

Types of Firewall : 

Types of Firewall Hardware Firewall Software Firewall Firewall

Hardware Firewall : 

Hardware Firewall It is a physical device. It can be installed between the modem and computer. Firewall

Software Firewall : 

Software Firewall It is a software application It is installed onto the computer system that you wish to protect. This is usually the computer with the modem attached to it. Firewall

Types of Filtering : 

Types of Filtering Packet Filtering Application/Proxy Filtering Firewall

Packet Filtering : 

Packet Filtering Every packet of data is analyzed that attempts cross over the Firewall. Each packet is scrutinized for details with the results being compared to an access control list. Firewall

Application / Proxy Filtering : 

Application / Proxy Filtering The Firewall acts as a large storage device, or proxy. All of the computers on the protected side of the Firewall make their internet requests to the proxy sever which in turn, through the Firewall, retrieves the information. Firewall

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What is proxy ?

Main purpose of using proxies : 

Main purpose of using proxies Improve Performance Act as Cache server Bandwidth control Filter Requests Prevent access to some web sites!!! Prevent access to some protocols Firewall

Improve Performance : 

Improve Performance Caching Reduce latency Reduce Network Traffic Caching can greatly speed up Internet access. If one or more Internet sites are frequently requested, they are kept in the proxy's cache, so that when a user requests them, they are delivered directly from the proxy's cache instead of from the original Internet site. Caches diminish the need for network bandwidth, typically by 35% or more, by reducing the traffic from browsers to content servers. Bandwidth control Policy-based Bandwidth Limits Deny by content type

Filter Requests : 

Filter Requests Prevent access to some web sites!!! Categories web sites Adult Explicit Advertisements & Pop-Ups Chat Gambling Games Hacking Peer-to-Peer …… Check by content type .Exe / .Com .Mid / .MP3 / .Wav .Avi / .Mpeg / .Rm Firewall

How a proxy works ? : 

How a proxy works ? See the next Demo Firewall

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IP : IP : IP :

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IP : Gw : IP : Gw : IP : Change Source IP Address

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IP : Gw : IP : Change Source IP Address & Destination IP Address IP : Gw :

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IP : Gw : IP : Change Dest. IP Address IP : Gw :

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IP : Gw : IP : Gw : IP :

What firewall protects us from : 

What firewall protects us from Application backdoors Operating system bugs Denial of service E-mail bombs Viruses SPAMs Trojans …. Firewall

Conclusion : 

Conclusion Needed to significantly enhance the security of the computer system / network Decision, whether to use a hardware or software Firewall is totally up to the user However, the bottom line is that, whatever type of Firewall is used, it will to varying degrees help prevent anyone from the outside connecting to your computer and causing damage in some way .

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