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Centrifugal Pump:

By: IKRAM SINGH HARIKA 6 MAE 1-Y A2305408048 Centrifugal Pump

What is a Centrifugal Pump ?:

Centrifugal pumps are classified as rotodynamic type of pumps in which a dynamic pressure is developed which enables the lifting of liquids from a lower to a higher level. What is a Centrifugal Pump ?

Main Components:

Impeller Casing Suction pipe Delivery pipe. Main Components


It is a wheel or rotor which is provided with a series of backward curved blades or vanes. It is mounted on a shaft which is coupled to an external energy source of energy which imparts the required energy to the impeller thereby making it to rotate. Impeller may be classified as: Closed or shrouded impeller. Semi open impeller. Open impeller. Impeller

Casing :

It is an airtight chamber which surrounds the impeller. It is similar to the casing of a reaction turbine. C asing

Suction pipe:

It is a pipe which is connected at its upper end to the inlet of the pump or to the centre of the impeller which is commonly known as “eye”. The lower end of the pipe dips into liquid in a suction tank(sump) from which liquid is to be lifted. Lower end is fitted with foot valve and strainer. Strainer- it keep out the debris( i.e. leaves, stone, and other particles in the tank) from pump. Foot valve- it is a one way type valve which not allow the liquid to move downward back to the sump. Suction pipe

Delivery pipe:

It is a pipe which is connected at its lower end to the outlet of the pump and delivers liquid at the required height. At outlet of pipe there is a delivery valve which regulates the flow of liquid from pipe. Delivery pipe

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