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MYMOOGA a hosted web & mobile, music social networking community that enables brands and wireless operators to offer the teen and young adult market segment a highly addictive community music service


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Iken Solutions IKen Solutions, is a software product company specialized in intelligent business systems backed by hybrid AI (Artificial Intelligence) techniques (expert system, case-based reasoning, neural networks and genetic algorithms). It is an IIT Bombay research spin-off. Our Vision is to make every software product and solution intelligence-enabled and add intelligence in every business process. Business intelligence (BI) and knowledge automation (KA) play a crucial role in organization's success. Our unique core technology helps to automate human expertise as well as derive intelligence from available and past data. Iken solutions awards: TIE CANAAN entrepreneur chalenge 2008. Iken has been awarded with a direct entry into the Microsoft Startup Accelerator Program Silver award for “Best Technology Innovation” at the Mobile Content Awards 2008 in London.

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Mobile opportunity is Huge and growing fast Mobile as the 7th Mass Media, continued Fixed internet 13 years old Reaches 1.1B users Tons of traffic on free sites Content industry worth $25B Greatest revenues from adult entertainment + gambling Mobile internet 8 years old Reaches 2.7B users Tons of traffic on free+paid Mobile content worth $31B Largest categories: music and social networking Mobile internet: younger, larger, and growing faster SMS worth $100B in 2007 (> movie industry + music + videogames) Media (in 2005, guess which ringtone outsold all of iTunes?) Put two game-changing technologies together… Mobile + Social Networking = HUGE

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Overview Growing up in the age of mobile phones and the Internet, it is only logical that today’s youth and teens embrace technology in their lives. Online social networking is a dominant new trend, replacing traditional avenues for entertainment and information sharing. Mobile phones also dominate their lives and of course, like past generations, this market has its own music. Not surprisingly, given the key role mobile handsets have in their lifestyle, youth and teens are in favor, of using their mobile handsets as a music player instead of using just a music player. Today's teens and young adults are looking for web and mobile media community service that allow them to connect with each other on the go – and share the things they love (music, preferences, and ideas) with their old and newfound friends. Iken Solutions has developed Mymooga a hosted, web and mobile community service that enables mobile operators and major brands to offer teens and young adults a compelling social networking music service that increases average revenue per user (ARPU)

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With the advent of social networking on the Web, music lovers have access to a wider community. They can connect with people from all over the world at any time of the day, meet others with similar tastes, find new music, discover and listen to artists and bands that everyone else is listening to, and even get music recommendations from new artist and songs from others users. Adding mobile access to the social networking model adapts the music community to the mobile lifestyle, allowing community members to connect to each other, read and write song reviews, discover most played and rated music, and gain access to their or other users’ music whenever and wherever they wish. Differents market research of this demographic showed that 86% of respondents either agreed or strongly agreed that being able to use their mobile phones to listen to their own music was interesting to them. For that same reason mobile operators are trying to participate in this growing market by offering music download services. Nevertheless, according to a recent study by Entertainment Research, much more needs to be done to persuade consumers of the benefits of mobile downloading. In the same Entertainment Research report, web-based community sites such as MySpace are described as truly affecting consumer taste and purchasing behavior as consumers find, share, and buy music they love. Communities help users discover and buy new music

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Mymooga Community Platform Iken Solutions provides MYMOOGA a hosted web & mobile, music social networking community that enables brands and wireless operators to offer the teen and young adult market segment a highly addictive community music service. With its easy and intuitive user interface, subscribers enjoy generating their personal space blog web & mobile, listening and recomending music collection, find others users in the community with similar tastes in music, submit and read song reviews, participating in there favorites band space and discover new music. Iken Solutions also offers a Java application for mobile phones that provides a great and easy to use way of being part of a mobile community that can download music and generate mobile marketing actions with QR Codes.

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Recomendation Impulse Buying Behavior Deploying mobile music-centric community services such as Ikens’s, complements the client and their current marketing activities, helping users discover new music and enabling the impulse purchase. Iken also provides a truly new and innovative service which offers more than a simple mobile music experience. It enables fast, easy, and direct access to all music and podcasts on the user’s PC, integrated for the first time with a mobile, music-centric socialization experience. Beyond understanding what drives mobile music buying behavior, the challenge is to enable the whole music content discovery process and to make the purchasing process as simple and easy as possible. This is where Ikens recomendation engine based in a powerfull artificial intelligence software call MOOGA comes in! With MOOGA , the client can rapidly deploy a web & mobile community service that enables subscribers to connect to the community, their friends, their music, their favorites bands, and pictures.

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Mooga ADN Mooga is a patent pending viral, self learning mobile entertainment ecosystem incorporating Artificial Intelligence techniques to understand, track, predict & recommend mobile content based on individual user tastes, downloads & popular contents Mooga actively promotes viral spreading of content, allowing users to recommend content to their friends & get paid for it! Content sales increase exponentially as Mooga acts like a friend to the users & recommends preferred content to them Mooga adapts to their tastes, likes & dislikes continuously, resulting in a vastly improved end user experience. Mooga disrupts the rudimentary processes applied to the mobile content marketplace today; giving rise to the true mobile Internet content experience. Truly bringing the Internet experience onto the mobile. Mooga incorporates hybrid Artificial Intelligence techniques in to the mobile content environment and for the first time allows a 2-click download process. This results in a significantly faster mobile content download process for subscribers.

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Muchmusic community web Create a personal profile and actively interact with friends and favorites bands space. Create profiles and spaces for bands and fans club. Upload audio, videos, photos, texts, links, menssages. The site could have a home administrated by Muchmusic were the user can find all the news about bands, new artists and recommendations. Mymooga has an excellent promoting feature based in QR Code for all registered users for generating mobile marketing actions.

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Tapping into the Mobile Music Buyer Behavior As we can see through the immense popularity of web-based music stores such as Apple’s iTunes™ and the emergence of many operators addressing this space, this mobile music buyer market is about to explode and will become a vital distribution channel for the music industry. The question is: What prompts the consumer to buy a specific song or ringtone for a mobile device, and how can this be improved upon? Other than that they are big fans of the artist and always buy their songs, mobile subscribers buy songs for the same reasons consumers used to buy CDs at the mall: They heard the song on the radio and just have to have it They listened to it at a friend’s house while hanging out They heard about it from others in an online community They heard or read an independent review or received a recommendation They saw a promotion for an artist whose music is similar to what they like They buy a song they like and the recomendation engine offers a new artist with the same characterist.

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Summary With Mymooga, mobile operators and major brands can create a music-centric web & mobile community that : Facilitate music discovery Boost there mobile sales with a poerfull recomendation enegine Motivate subscribers’ buying impulse Drive music content revenue Open up additional advertising and marketing campaign revenue opportunities

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Partner Opportunity Partner goal: To be a leading player in mobile digital music in the region promoting new artists and bands. Giving the sales department new products to generate non-traditional advertisement campaign. Take the partner strategy to the next level from TV and WEB to Mobile.

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Thank you! Antonio Peña General Manager Americas

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Thank you!

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