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No Difference, Same ______ Robert F. Wagner Secondary School Of Arts & Technology Middle College High School

The Mission:

The Mission Today’s society consists of various ethnicities, beliefs and cultures. Our mission is to break social barriers, spread awareness about diversity and develop respect through social media and public gathering.

No Difference, Same _______:

No Difference, Same _______ Marine Alaberkian Jennifer Alvarez AleafApdunloh JanethBalabarca Ingrid Campoverde Vivian Cardenas JeeniyaDewan Elizer Duarte Eider Espinosa Carolina Ferreira Ayda Gonzalez Valentino Lopez Barry Marguilies SusonMaharjan NitiyaNirmalakuma Albert Pereira Stephanie Perez SahpmyPichardo Paula Rebancos PatrykRomanski Denae Stanley Felix Tavarez

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