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Visit: https://iimtstudies.edu.in/distance-learning.php . IIMT Studies is a leading distance learning institution. It provides corporate training Non-Technical Programs for the development of soft skills of employees. There are Courses of Leadership development, Sales and marketing and a course in Personal Effectiveness. There are also programmes for junior, Middle and senior level respectively. Follow us on Twitter : https://twitter.com/iimtstudies Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/IIMTStudies/ Linked in : https://www.linkedin.com/company/international-institute-of-management-and-technical-studies Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/iimtstudies/


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Corporate Training - Non Technical Programs @ IIMT Studies +91-079-40322003 https://iimtstudies.edu.in/ info@iimtgroup.edu.in

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Leading Corporate Training Institution – IIMT Studies +91-079-40322003 https://iimtstudies.edu.in/ info@iimtgroup.edu.in IIMT provides corporate training Non-Technical Programs for the development of soft skills of employees. There are Courses for: Leadership Development Sales and Marketing Course for Personal Effectiveness. Programs for Junior, Middle and Senior level

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About IIMT +91-079-40322003 https://iimtstudies.edu.in/ info@iimtgroup.edu.in IIMT is a leading corporate institution caring about people’s professional needs. We hire the right people for the best customised solution for one’s need. Winner of ABP News – Indian Education Congress National Award for 2017 and ASSOCHAM Award.

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Leadership Development Program +91-079-40322003 https://iimtstudies.edu.in/ info@iimtgroup.edu.in Great Leaders are those who bring best out of their followers Leadership development Program of IIMT is a 12 session Program.

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Why Sales and Marketing Program? +91-079-40322003 https://iimtstudies.edu.in/ info@iimtgroup.edu.in Sales and marketing is important for a company for image creation. Art of Negotiation and Customer Counselling are important in today’s time. Communication also plays an important part in Sales and marketing.

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Personal Effectiveness Program +91-079-40322003 https://iimtstudies.edu.in/ info@iimtgroup.edu.in Main motto of this course is team building and positivity It contains effective conflict management, effective time management, creative problem solving, art of negotiation etc. With the help of this course worker will become Focused and Productive. Worker will easily cope up with work stress.

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Junior and Middle Level Programs +91-079-40322003 https://iimtstudies.edu.in/ info@iimtgroup.edu.in Junior & middle level employees play a crucial role in business. IIMT offers the 6 sessions programs for junior and middle level employees. This course will enhance the employees’ skills to next level. Programs for Junior & Middle Level Includes :

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Programs for Middle and Senior Level Includes: +91-079-40322003 https://iimtstudies.edu.in/ info@iimtgroup.edu.in Human Resource Benchmarking Global communication skills Enhancing Managerial Competencies Programs for Middle and Senior Level Includes:

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Institution That Offering Online Degrees and Diplomas Courses +91-079-40322003 https://iimtstudies.edu.in/ info@iimtgroup.edu.in

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Training Skill & Development Programs +91-079-40322003 https://iimtstudies.edu.in/ info@iimtgroup.edu.in

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Our Reach - IIMT Studies +91-079-40322003 https://iimtstudies.edu.in/ info@iimtgroup.edu.in Address : – 15, 507, 5 th Floor, Al Abbas Buildinng 2, Bank Street, Khalid Bin Walled Road Bur Dubai (UAE) Phone: +971-42282455 IIMT Studies , Dubai Address : 53-56 B Wing, Pariseema Complex, Opp. Lal Bungalow, C.G.Road , Ahmedabad - 380009 Phone: +91-79-40322003  IIMT Studies , Ahmedabad Address : Office Number-6 White Orchid, Near Shell Petrol Pump, LP Savani Road, Adajan , Surat – 395009 Phone: +91-9016331221 IIMT Studies , Surat

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+91-079-40322003 https://iimtstudies.edu.in/ info@iimtgroup.edu.in International Institute of Management and Technical Studies Thank You

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